Friday, April 29, 2011

Move Forward

"You don't need a map or an itinerary for a personal journey, just a sense of adventure and this reminder:
That breathless, soul-quenching feeling of awe you get when you catch a watercolor sunset never comes during a commercial break. To grow, you have to get outside and
go. Whether your want to walk farther, pedal harder or simply drink in the scenery more appreciatively, cross every bridge with a brave and open heart."

I opened up a magazine today and this quote, placed perfectly upon a gorgeous picture of a lady bicycling in the middle of nowhere, were the only thing on the entire spread of the page.
Adventure is at hand...
The universe is speaking to me...
It wants me to go.
And go I shall.

"I can resist anything except temptation."
Oscar Wilde

Friday, April 22, 2011


"Screams of Nature"

My brain fills to the brim.
Too much to consume,
yet not enough to feed the ever-growing

Overwhelming sense of peace,
Pure. white. joy.
Vibrant, devine, beauty,

Pulling me into a state of unknown being.

I am nature, just nature.
Mountains, rocks, dirt, sand,
water, trees, sky, air, sun...

I feel it.

I crave it.

I AM it.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Sue Sylvester...

Is effing hilarious!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"Last night, while I lay thinking here,
some Whatifs crawled inside my ear
and pranced and partied all night long
and sang their same old Whatif song..."

--Shel Silverstein

I am a rock...I am an island

Is it sad that I spend at least an hour every single day looking up information on islands? Which ones are the easiest to move to, to live on, which ones have the best food, best entertainment, cheapest living corridors, etc?

Well sad or not, I do it.
I have island fever so bad I could probably get a doctor to write me a prescription in the form of a plane ticket.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


"How foolish is the pessimist, despondent and forlorn, who always when he gets a rose goes hunting for the thorn.

The optimist has better sense; the charm of life he knows. He doesn’t mind a scratch or two if he can get the rose.

So don’t be a pessimist, bogged down with discontent; the optimist has heaps of fun that doesn’t cost a cent."