Monday, April 5, 2010

Overworked Easter

I haven't really blogged in a few days, because I have been SOOOO busy at work!! Partially because of Easter, and partially because we had a bunch of funerals for some VERY popular people. On top of that, they have decided that I am the only person they need to have in the office (as opposed to the usual two people). So I now open AND close the shop every single day. (Then have night school.) *heavy sigh* ...Needless to say, I've been working my ass off!

BUT, my least favorite holiday is over with. -whew-
Last year, I wrote a blog explaining why this is my least favorite holiday... basically the biggest reason is that, when I was little.... I was afraid of the Easter bunny. Yes, afraid. The concept just didn't make sense to me. I was also afraid of Santa Clause. If you ask me... I was a smart little cookie to not understand why these made-up characters felt they had the right to sneak into my house at night, AND judge me!

The only reason I like Easter is because it's another occassion that forces the family to get together. And it's always nice to see my family. I truly love them. Even my brother came!... which is RARE. It was very nice to have him there.
I was, however, disappointed that everyone took the lazy route... no one wanted to cook. :( Therefore my Uncle made the decision to get KFC. Yeah... K- F-ckin- C. I was not happy with this decision. So, I made Deviled eggs. You just CAN'T have Easter without Deviled eggs. Those things are fantastic!!!

But after everyone left, Mom totally made up for the crap meal by fixing me some sauteed veggies AND spaghetti squash! I can't even begin tell you how much I LOVE spaghetti squash!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! mmmmm.... Thanks Mommy! :)

On a random note: there is a scale at my Mom's house... so I braved it... I stepped on it.

I have officially lost 15 pounds since I got home from Washington.
15 Pounds!!!
I can't even believe I was carrying 15 extra pounds around with me last fall... no wonder I felt so heavy!!! I haven't even really been doing anything to loose it. Well when I was in Ogden I was going to the club and working out... but since I've been back in Salt Lake I really haven't had any time for exercising. I guess my Thai Chi class, giving massages on an almost daily basis, and being on a regimented eating schedule, has been tremendously helpful. The real reason I bring this up, is that I just CAN NOT believe how much I let myself go in Washington!!!
(I guess depression and laziness will do that to ya)

In Montana, I basically started gaining the weight because they were feeding us CRAP and I didn't really have any other choice but to eat their crap or starve. (or eat the food at the cafe' I worked at... still all crappy-crap-bad-for-you food. Beit still tasty.) The only time I got a GOOD meal was when Brad cooked me dinner. (he was lucky enough to have a kitchen in his cabin. And that boy can he cook!!! mmmmm)
ALSO... I was drinking waaaaaay too much. Way way way WAAAAY... too much. Yack.

Anyways, it's nice to be back to my regular size. ________________________________________

One other thing I want to mention is.....
*cough* Zac Efron *cough cough*
Yup, I said it... Zac Efron....

SOOO up until Saturday, I had not seen any movies he's in. Sure I knew he existed... who doesn't? He's all the hype with the female teens... ...And now I know why.

Blockbuster was having one of those buy 4 movies for $20 sells... So of course I had to pick some. I could only find 3 that I know I like (I got Role Models! Score!!) ... so for the fourth one, I bravingly bought "17 Again" without ever seeing it.
Then on Saturday, Leslie, Zrinka and I had a girls night in where we played drinking games to ridiculous movies, like Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. --Which was actually a way harder drinking game then I thought it would be.-- We decided it was the best opportunity to watch "17 Again"... to which I must conclude, the movie was absolutely adorable!! I loved it!
And thus, I am also now totally in love with Zac Efron. He is gorgeous, and dreamy, and just.... Yummy.

I mean, look at him!!! Seriously!!!

Well that's all for now.
Peace and Prosperity bitches!

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