Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A new year... A new adventure

So another year is upon us.
2010 will go down in history as the busiest year of my life.
Full of new knowledge, new discoveries, new friends, new mistakes, new lessons, and much spiritual growth.

In 2010 I learned:
  • how to leave the past in the past, but still accept when the past makes it's way into the present, give it love, and let it go back into the past.
  • to live in the present, while still being able to dream of the future.
  • that, "It's magic, but it works."
  • that I am all I need in a significant other.
  • more about the human body than I ever thought I would.
  • my place in this life.
  • the freedom of not having a vehicle.
  • how extremely powerful a single decision can be; good or bad.
  • that sobriety is fun too. ;)
  • how powerful and strong I truly am.
In 2010 I Re-Learned:
  • how much fun it is to be single and live alone.
  • how much my "family of friends" really means to me. And that I will never EVER find anyone who can replace them.
  • that some people never change.
  • that my Cuskelly family is FREAKIN awesome, and I don't see them enough.
  • how much I love to bicycle.
  • the joy of yoga.
  • that regular exercise feels AWESOME!
  • how wonderful it feels to help others.
  • to love the state I am from.
  • how powerful and strong I truly am. :)
I have nothing but glorious feelings for the year ahead. With my new found knowledge, new career, and new sense of independence, I know that this year can do nothing but ROCK!!!


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