Sunday, February 19, 2012

Master of Influence

This weekend I went to a three day seminar titled "Master of Influence." I went because I was lucky enough to have a job that brought in Kirk Duncan to one of our meetings to give us a taste of what he offers. What attracted me most to his presentation was discussing the study of body language. I work with the human body every day and just like every one else, I have relationships with people who all have bodies. Therefore, I have always believed it is of the upmost importance to understand those bodies.
"If you understand one body, you understand every body."

Did you know that only 7% of communication comes through in the words we say? (Only SEVEN percent!) 36% is in tone and a whole whoping 57% is in gestures! What people say could often be very different from what they're thinking or feeling. It's very easy to say something untrue or insincere, so we can never rely fully on words alone.
The most effective way to uncover hidden desires, thoughts, or emotions is by reading and interpreting body language correctly. Thanks to this seminar, I now know how to do that. But it's not just understanding other people's body language, it's also about understanding your own body language and how it is influencing others.

Learning to read body language was only a portion of what was covered in this seminar. I could write an entire book about what I learned in this seminar. But that would be unfair. To obtain the knowledge I learned I gladly paid for, as should anyone who is interested in learning more on this topic (which should be everyone). The benefits I am, and will be, reaping from this class are priceless and innumberable.

I was so moved, motivated, and touched by this seminar I have decided to continue studying this topic. Timing is not right for me to do it now since I am leaving to work on a cruise ship for the remainder of this year. But I have officially decided that when I come back I am going to take the class to learn to become a mentor. I have always felt that my purpose in life is to help others. Fortunately, I get to help others physically every day in my current career as a Massage Therapist. But I am meant for more. I want to be able to help people in their every day lives. Help them find their message and their purpose on this planet. Help motivate them to tap into their higher power and function at the best that they can.

Life is funny, just a few years ago I was craving a life mentor of my own and now I want to become one. Just goes to show that if you create a relationship with your higher self and really listen to the messages the universe is sending you, all of your questions will be answered.

If you want to know more about the seminar I attended or the company that offered the seminar here is their website:
I cannot fully express through words how much I encourage everyone to take this seminar. If we can all learn how to communicate with each other and ourselves more appropriately this world would be a much brighter place.
Peace and love to every one.

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