Thursday, March 29, 2012


So I haven't blogged since I left the country and there is good reason for that: I have not had ANY time to do so. (Also, for the first week I didn't have internet service.) I still don't have much time to blog, but I just wanted to quickly share the exciting news I got today. Today, I got my details!
After only three weeks of training in London (very strenuous and stressful training, might I add), I have gotten the details of my ship!!! This has happened rather quickly for me, as some people get stuck in training for 6, 7, 8+ weeks!!
Wanna know where I'm going?! --Ready for this?-- I'm going on the Disney Cruise line! My ship is called the Disney Dream.
This is hilarious for SO many reasons:
1- Because it was the one cruise line I joked I would get, but didn't want to due to my lack of excitement towards children.
2- Because EVERYONE back home joked that I would get put on the Disney Cruise ship.
3- Because everyone at the Steiner Academy said that I would be perfect for the Disney Cruise ship.
4- Because every day at the Steiner Academy I sang Disney songs while we did our afternoon cleaning.
and finally...
5- Because deep down I really love Disney and I know I am going to have a BLAST on their ship!
The part I wasn't initially stoked on is that my port is in Florida. I was hoping to get OUT of the states. However, I AM excited that my whole cruise travels will be to islands! The Bahamas, The Caribbean, the Florida Keys, etc.
Did you know that Disney owns their own island?... of course they do. It's called Castaway Cay.
So to wrap it up, I leave on Monday April 2nd, and join my ship on Thursday April 5th. From that point on it is all sea from there! Super excited to see what sea life is all about!
Bon Voyage!

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