Friday, February 20, 2009

Crack a window will ya!

So as of late, I have been experiencing what we all love to hate, writer's block. I know that you can't really blame someone else for this problem, but you know what, I will. I blame my ex. Ever since I started dating him my writing has gotten worse and worse. When we first met all I could do was write stupid love poems about how happy I was to have found him and how blissfully happy we were... etc. (bullshit bullshit bullshit) Then when the relationship took a flying leap into shit lake, I was too pained to write... after which my writings were all about how much heartbreak sucks.
And here I am again, writing about my stupid situation with him. Thus, the reason I blame him for my writers block.
That brings us to the reason I started a blog. I want to open some windows and doors into my mind, for new ideas, and new ways of thinking. I'm going to try and get back into my regime of writing down all my thoughts and feelings and what-have-you, because I love to write, and even though the first writings, I predict, will be rather boring or uninteresting... hopefully down the line I can start back into writing things people will want to read. Because that's my passion; thats what I love; Writing.


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