Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hooked on Fantasy

Alright, so I started this blog to write, right? ... and guess what I have NOT YET done?!?!

Wow, I am awesome. Okay, I will get better at this, I solemnly swear to try harder. See I'm just not that good with the internet... (in fact I resist the growth in technology as much as I can)
I have gotten better at checking my facebook, and also when I want to gush about things I turn to my live journal. Otherwise I use the internet to HULU my brain with clips from Saturday Night Live. But that's not the only reason I have yet to start blogging... the BIGGEST reason, is that I have been hooked on the Twilight Saga. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know... I wasn't going to get into the whole thing, but then out of sheer curiosity I decided to rent the movie, and it just so happened that I EFFING LOVED IT!!! --It reminded me of my ever loving crush on Vampires-- Now I'm at the end of "New Moon" (book #2) and I will not stop till they are done. And you know what else? I will also read the second versions that are currently being written from Edward's perspective, thats right, because I have fallen that much in love.

I do have to say, that even though it is a teen romance novel, it is SO nice to get totally hooked on a book. (well 4 books actually) I haven't been this into a book in long time! All I want to do is read! Which is weird for me, I have a difficult time reading, what with my ADD, overactive imagination, and dyslexia. But now that I have been reading so much, I truly feel like I've been living 3 different lives. I have my conscience life (well as far as we know it) where I go to work, feed myself, hang with friends, etc. Then I have the life I pretend I'm living through these books (which are SO MUCH better than real life, becuase as Bella, I have the love of a Vampire!), and then there's my ever so life-like dreams. Which now are fully inflitrated with Vampires. haha.

Speaking of Twilight, I recently received an e-mail telling me that they are currently casting for Twilight 3 in the Salt Lake area!!! I plan to do more research on this topic and if it turns out to be true, I will FULLY be auditioning. So in ending on this topic, I LOVE Twilight!

On another note, I plan to go buy a new camera soon. After which I will be able to upload recent pictures the way most people do. As I said, I will get better at this.

Yours Truly,
Hooked on fantasy

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