Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh St. Mary's...

[I posted this on facebook about three weeks ago, but thought I'd also share it on my blog, for those of you (if there are any) who continue to check this.]

I honestly cannot get internet here… So I want to (somewhat) apologize to all of you who have been trying to get a hold of me via e-mail… The wireless internet is being used by not only the employees, but ALL of the guests, and it is NOT a strong single for anyone. So even if you get online, it takes a good five minutes for each page to upload, and honestly, I have better things I’d rather do with my time. :P Plus, I have no phone.

This place is totally a world in itself. I can’t reiterate that enough. Though I think of all of you often, I am so totally consumed with my new little life in this new little town. It is basically like the 'real world', mixed with 'survivor' mixed with Jerry Springer. (these Indians LOVE to fight)

The pass through the park just barely opened (we’ve been anticipating this for weeks and weeks now) so supposedly our little resort is supposed to be getting extremely busy. I mean, we are the only place to get food within about ten miles (or more) of anything else. I kept trying to explain to my mom how extremely out of reach I am. I mean, I have to drive THREE HOURS to even get to Wal-Mart!!! All that we have here is our tiny little grocery store, our gift shop, our restaurant and my work the Curly Bear (which is like expensive fast food). I even have to drive a good 15 minutes or more to get a bottle of liquor.

So let’s get old fashioned about it, and if you want to send me something, send me a good old letter! You know, like people used to do before internet was invented!!! Haha
The mailing address to send me anything is:

St. Mary’s Lodge and Resort
C/O Crystal Cuskelly / Curly Bear Cafe
HC72 Box 4 Browning, MT, 59417

(and feel free to send me ANYTHING!!! Literally anything!!… shampoo, clothes, food, a nice long letter, a picture, bug spray, magazines, games, cowboy boots, ANYTHING!!! …People get SOOO excited to get packages here, and I totally understand why.)

If you want the story of what I’ve been doing up here, well it’s easy: I get up (usually still tipsy from the night before) go to work, have a pretty kick ass time with my awesome co-workers, serving food and goofing off; then I get off work, see what everyone else is doing (almost ALWAYS drinking somewhere) figure out what sounds the most fun… (drink here with them, or drink there with them) and do that. Sometimes it’s at someone’s house, sometimes it’s at one of the 2-4 bars that are in a reliable distance (one is about 10+ miles away, but we go anyways, called Charlie’s).

Really if you look at it, this place is a sweet set-up for the owner. He houses us and feeds us (for a ridiculous amount of money) and then whenever we want to do something/ buy something, we have to use HIS establishments, I.E. grocery store, gift shop, bar, etc. He is making BANK off not only his customers, but his employees. (great plan)Plus the woman out number the men by a large amount, and all the managers like to take their pick of the woman here, and the women for the most part, don’t know much better at the beginning, so they get their pick. Smooth… real smooth. I'm on to it.

None the less… I am getting exactly what I asked for… to get taken out of my comfort zone. I have never been so excited about a hot shower/toilet paper/towels, etc. this is definitely a challenge and growth in character. Unfortunately, I have no more time, I’ll keep doing my best to stay in touch.

Love and miss you all!

P.S. Don’t stop stopping.