Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, really?!?!

So I knew that my weekend would feel short... what with working on saturday and all, but for crying out loud, all day long I've been thinking it's Friday!!! I keep wanting to ask people what they're doing this weekend. Yargh. Damn you time for always be so deceptive!

Mother's day, which is probably one of my favorite holidays simply because I love ANY excuse to hang out with my Mom, was so fun! We went out to my Aunt Colleen's and snacked and drank, played with the ADORABLE twins Mckenna and Katelyn (really not sure how its spelled, ....some cousin I am), and drank, and ate some more, and laughed, and drank. etc.
Josh came and got to meet my family, and also got to see where I get my snort from. (Love you Aunt Leen!!) The girls were super excited to see me, and likewise was I with them. At one point I was holding McKenna, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me and her adorable little face pressed up against mine; and for the first time in my life I could actually picture myself as a Mom. It was weird.
My card reader told me that even though I claim I don't want kids, that someday I would meet a man that would change my mind. It's bizzare how many things he was/is right about. In fact I'm going back to see him on Thursday.

My summer journey is also inching up closer and closer. I couldn't be more excited. A beautiful summer connecting myself to everything that is Mother Nature.
Oh also, my phone doesn't get service up there so I am shutting it off for the summer. I really am disconnecting myself from everything and fully endulging myself into the wild.

Anyways, just wanted to do a quick update, I will be leaving on the 30th, so once again, I would love to spend as much time with everyone as possible! Call me before I vanish into the wild!!

*Loves you all*

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