Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grammy June

Around this time last year, my very sweet, precious, wonderful Grandmama passed away. I was so very close to my grandma, as we lived with her while I was growing up. She helped my mom raise me, since my dad passed when I was 5 months old. Mom would sleep in late, so Grandma was the one who would get up with me before school, fix me breakfast, and get me ready. She's the one who built me all those intricately detailed, mansion sized dollhouses, that I absolutely LOVED!!! She sewed me and my dolls clothes to match; taught me different Norwegian words, which may, or may not be part of the actual Norwegian language; and also made everyone themed sweatshirts for every holiday. When I got older, our hang outs changed to having a rum and coke (or a white russian) with her, and reminiscing about the past.
I've been thinking of her a lot lately, and also finding myself singing this same sweet song that she used to always sing, "Que Sera Sera."

I love you my Bestemore! And I miss you tons and tons!!! I hope you are up in heaven having a cocktail with Grandpa and smiling down at all of us, who are still stuck on this plane of existence.

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