Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tim Burton, how I love thee, let me count the ways...

FREAKING EXCITED for this movie!!!
Everything Tim Burton touches turns to awesomeness!
Alice in Wonderland has ALWAYS been one of my very favorite stories! I absolutely love it!
And now Tim Burton gets his hands on it!!!??? YES PLEASE!!!
and in 3-D!?!?

And for the rest of you Tim Burton fans out there,
here is a link to a website that is always posting Tim Burton updates...

According to this ^ website,
there is a rumor bustling about that Burton wants to get his hands on a re-making of
"Sleeping Beauty" !! (another one of my favorites!)
Only he wants to tell it from MALEFICENTS point of view!!!!
Again, YES PLEASE!!!

For those of you who don't know me very well, let me tell you a little known fact about myself.
I am a creepy person.
I love cemeteries, ghosts, zombies, dark stories, etc. etc.
Growing up, I watched Disney movies... as all kids do.
Only instead of falling in love with the
princess's, hero's, etc.
I fell in love with the Villians!
I LOVE Cruelle Deville!
I love Maleficent!
I love Ursula!
I love them all!
-except Scar... I never liked Scar...except his sarcasm-

I don't know why... it's just how I am.
So to hear that a disney story is going to be told from a Villains point of view,
that just makes me giddy!
Let's hope it really happens!
Next I want a movie about Cruelle Deville!
Screw the fur coats and the dogs...
Let's tell a different tale,
one about her life before becoming obessed with fur coats.
[Cause she's my favorite!]

"If she doesn't scare you...

no evil thing will."

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Kcscrystal said...

From Leslie:

So crystal I feel the same way about Villains. Have I ever told you that? I feel like it's because they have so much more depth than heroes/heroines. What made them that way? Were they always like that. I don't think that people are born bad and villains delve into that dark side that we all have. They venture into what makes us human and makes us learn and grow. They are the ones that haunt peoples dreams. They are the ones that are far more interesting to know about... And furthermore what makes them a villain? Is it just because of the narrator? What makes them tick. For all we know Sleeping Beauty's King father was doing something horrible. Also what happens after "happily ever after". You really need to read books by Gregory Maguire.

(I posted this for Leslie because she said it wouldn't let her post it, and I feel this comment really belongs here.)