Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New dawn, New day, New life...for ME,

and I'm feeling goooood...!!!

When I was younger, on New Year's day, I would make a list of all the people I kissed the night before. (This was of course after many years of no kisses) I remember at my first big party, I got kissed by SIX different guys at midnight!!! My ego grew a little bit bigger that night.

This New Year's Eve was a a blasty blast!!
I consistently carried a bottle of Pink champagne around the whole night.
Too much Champagne?
I think not.

Happy 2010!!!
"Everytime we draw a fresh breathe is a new beginning."

This year is about re-connecting my spirit to the earth. It's about taking a true breathe of fresh air, and rediscovering my soul. Cleansing and refreshing.

Well at least that's what I'm aiming for. Today was my second day of full time at work, and my second night of school, therefore I have officially gone to each one of my classes. To which I must report: I could NOT be happier with my school choice!!! I LOVE my teachers and my classes so much!! I can't even believe how passionate I am with everything I am already learning and going to learn.
My lessons and experiences this year are definitely going to be some of the most important and influential of my life. I can feel it. I know that I am going to dive deep into these studies and truly find myself through my journey of learning. I will, you see, be learning about the human body. Every single thing that I learn this year can, and WILL, be applied to my daily life.
In my Theraputic Wellness class today, we spent an hour and forty five minutes discussing stress. What causes stress, good stress and bad stress, how to deal with stress, what stress does to the body...etc. It is fascinating to spend this amount of time discussing topics that every single human being in the world can relate to.

Then we have my Tai Chi class... I'm not ready to discuss that one fully yet. Today's beginning "lecture" in itself felt like a spiritual journey; even including a ten minute meditation session. My teacher is so full of energy and so vibrant, but at the same time so cool and so calm and complacent. He teaches barefoot... in fact, he's always barefoot. A truly powerful person. And a truly powerful class.

I can feel my energy shifting already. Though I'm back in an old place (i.e. salt lake), I am actually, really, in an almost completely new place. Get it?

Well that's all I have time for now. Even though I will be getting less sleep and less free time, I am ecstatic to watch as this following year pans out.

I am high on life.

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