Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Dental Spa

Today I had the privilege (yes privilege) to go to the Dentist. Why would I refer to such an unpleasant thing as a privilege you ask? Well, it's because I discovered a little place called, The Dental Spa. The experience I had there was incredible and I would like to share it with you.

From the outside, the building doesn't look all that impressive. Just your average little office building complex. However, once you enter you see that the middle is open to trees and shrubbery and the offices surround the vegetated area in a circle. I find suite D and enter. I am immediately greeted by the receptionist with a warm smile and, "Hello! You must be Crystal. Welcome!" And I do, feel welcome. She grabs some paperwork and comes around from behind her desk to shake my hand. --woah, a physically greeting as well?...that's unique.--

She hands me the paperwork and says to follow her to the back. She leads me into the 'waiting room.' One of the walls is replaced with ceiling to floor windows, looking out to the center area I spoke of with the trees, making way for soft natural light to cascade in through the leaves, -very aesthetically pleasing. The other walls are lined with soft green curtains; and I'm in love already. There are candles going and soft lamps lighting the rest of the room, I look around and even notice a little Buddha statue on one of the tables. Now for the best part: the walls are lined with massage chairs. Yes, full blown awesome massage chairs.

She tells me to take a seat and fill out my paperwork. I can barely concentrate as the electrical 'thumbs' knead into my back. The music that was coming through the speakers was a jazzy/electronic con-tempo / casual type... something I would actually listen to with my own free will. I am totally relaxed and almost completely forget that I'm at the DENTIST. After about ten minutes she comes in to tell me they're ready for me. This is the first time EVER that I wanted my wait to be longer!

She takes my paperwork and my bag from me and says, "to begin, we will have to you put your hands in some paraffin wax." So I do, and if you've never had paraffin wax on your hands, well, it feels awesome! She then wraps my hands in saran wrap and puts warm gloves on each of them. She grabs my bag and leads me into the dentist chair. They have a computer in front of the chair with a scene of an island and the ocean. [One more thing to love.] Then she comes asks me if I would prefer a warm eye mask for relaxation, or a cold one for revitalization. I choose the cold one, 1-because I am always too warm anyways, and 2-because it helps with the bags under your eyes, which I totally have.
Before applying the face mask she takes some aromatherapy oil and rubs it on my temples for a few minutes, which only further increases my relaxation. Then she applies the cool face mask, and she precedes with the cleaning. She was very gentle and very apologetic when she noticed me twitch on parts where I am more sensitive and it gave me a zing. After the cleaning she removes the eye mask and sends in the Dentist.
The Dentist, Dr. Brown, is a total hottie. He appears to be in his early 30's, brown hair, gorgeous smile, and is wearing jeans. [???] At first I thought this strange, but realized that it actually gave me a comforted feeling, like I was just hanging out with a friend who wanted to clean my teeth. He was incredibly kind and also very complimentive of my teeth.

Side Note: I went to a Dentist in Roy last December for a cleaning and that Dentist told me I had two cavities that needed to be filled and that I should re-schedule another appointment with him. I never did.

I tell Dr. Brown of this past appointment and he grabs my X-Rays. He shows them to me and explains that he doesn't see anything that would suggest I have a cavity. He also checks my teeth one more time. He then explains that this is something he sees often. That other Dentists will tell their patients that they have cavities when they really don't, just to get the money from filling them. He explains how much he cares about his patients and that he would never do that. Nor would he tell me I didn't have cavities when I really did. [cause that's just stupid]

I fall more in love with this place.

He thanks me for coming in and says he is happy to have me as a new patient. He then sends in the dental assistant again. And here's the best part: She proceeds to give me a FACIAL AND NECK MASSAGE!!!! Who wouldn't want a face massage after holding their mouths open for ____ minutes?!?!? It was incredible. THEN she grabs a hot towel that has been spritzed with Eucalyptus and places it over my face. She takes my hand and removes the mitt, and instead of just pulling the saran wrap off, she proceeds to massage my hand as she removes the wax!!!

As she's walking me out I ask her how long they've been around and how it's possible no one knows of them. She tells me that they have been there for TEN years, and that they are the "best kept secret in Salt Lake." [true that!]
She also tells me that they are looking to re-locate to another building in Sugarhouse, and there they intend on having a massage therapist on staff so that people have the option to get a full body massage before or after their appointments, and tells me to give them a call when I graduate. (which is conveniently going to happen right before my next check up with them.)

I left feeling totally pampered and revitalized, and found myself wishing I didn't have to wait six months for my next appointment.

Tremendous KUDOS to The Dental Spa for turning what is usually a terribly unpleasant experience into the total opposite. You guys rock!
Call and make your appointment today!

The Sugarhouse Dental Spa
2036 S. 1300 E. #D
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 466-6645

(Keep in mind they are generally booked out, so call a few months in advance.)

P.S. The other major added bonus: They accept my insurance (Select Health), so my visit was 100% completely free to me.


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