Friday, July 30, 2010

Laundromat Boredom

So here I am at the laundromat.....again. I am here way to damn much these days, due to the fact that I use 6 pairs of sheets a week, and each of those need to be thoroughly washed and bleached after each use. PLUS I just had a cat that was goo'ing stuff out of her chest (surgery) so I had to layer the bathroom with lots and lots of towels. I do have homework I am supposed to be doing, but I just HAD to write down all the things I'm noticing around me/thinking.

1- There are a LOT of people here for a Friday night... I feel so bad for all of us who have to spend our Friday evenings doing laundry. Thank god I have plans after this or I'd feel really bad for myself.

2- There is a guy here who is whistling that new 'Airplanes' song by I-don't-care-who. He won't stop! He's whistling the chorus over and over and over and over again!!! If he doesn't stop soon I will surely have to drown him in a washing machine.

3- I am very thankful for the invention of headphones, laptops, ipods, and all other devices that help you drown out people like airplane-whistler over there.

4- There is a guy sitting in front of me who looks EXACTLY like Seal!!! I'm not kidding. I've heard someone else say that before, which makes me worry that this is a racist comment... but I assure you, it's not. Dude looks just like him. (heart Seal)

5- There are two people folding a mountain of matching blankets. (one being the whistler) Which makes me think, "ah... other people who probably have to come do this cause of their job... I wonder what all those matching blankets are for...? A nursing home perhaps."
Just then I hear, "yeah that Carma is a real bitch, must be a UCMT thing." HAHAHAHA! For those who don't know, that stands for Utah College of Massage Therapy. Which then tells me that they must work at a spa. Spa people are such gossipers.

6- There are cabbage patch sheets in the dryer in front of me... they are the EXACT SAME cabbage patch sheets I had on my bed when I was four. I wonder if this particular pair of sheets are from 1989 too. Ewwwww.

7- I can't find a sign ANYWHERE in this place that says 'Laundromat.' I was looking simply to double check the spelling. LaundrOmat, or LaundrAmat. I concluded O.

8- On my way here I passed a person in my building loading up his car to go camping.
And the green monster rears its ugly head again. *sigh*

9- When you put $20 in a coin machine... the loud crashing of the coins coming out can't help but make you think of Vegas. And then it makes you wish that you were actually IN VEGAS! And that you just won the jackpot! and that you could now buy that house boat you've always wanted, AND a house on the beach, AND hire someone to do your laundry so that you NEVER have to do it again!!!!
-whew- at least that's how it made me feel.

10- Tonight, me and my new pal Candice are going to watch a cartoon that I haven't seen since I was a child. It was one of my FAVORITES growing up. However, I'm pretty much the only person who's heard of it. Had to order it in and everything. It's called "Gay Purree" and it's about french cats that go to Paris. It's f*cking awesome and I am STOKED to watch it again AND to share it with a fellow cat lover.

And that's all for now.

Thanks for tuning into Laundromat Boredom,
With your host,
Crystal And

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