Thursday, July 8, 2010


For the last, 8 years or so, my favoritest FAVORITE band has been Modest Mouse. When I first heard them, I was so BLOWN AWAY that I literally had to lay down on the ground (next to the speaker) so that I could fully absorb the music. My mind was buzzing and dancing with excitement. Goosebumps covered my entire body, and my uncontrollable smile reached from ear to ear. They literally have a physical effect on me. More so then any other band. (2nd in line is Bran Van 3000) Still to this day they can alter my mood in magical ways.
I could listen to their albums on repeat for the rest of my life and probably never tire of them.
(Yes ALL of their albums)

I'm actually surprised I haven't blogged about them until now.... and I am doing so now because, as most of you already know, they are coming to concert tonight...for FREE!!!

• The 2010 Twilight Concert Series kicks off in its new temporary (or not) venue, Pioneer Park at 300 West and 300 South, Salt Lake City, with Modest Mouse (pictured) and opening act Avi Buffalo. Show starts at 7, with gates opening and the Twilight Market starting at 5. Free.


How they decided to do this I do not know. Normally the bands that come to our free Twilight concerts are bands that are not so popular. But these guys are. Like woah. Pioneer park is going to be JAM PACKED!!! And I couldn't possibly be more excited!!! I will be throwing elbows to make my way to the front. The only people allowed to stand by me tonight are people who know EVERY lyric to EVERY one of their songs! Like I do! :P That is all.



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