Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Waiters Everywhere,

I would like to commend you on your many, MANY, unnoticed efforts to keep the world of eater-outers fed. Bravo! I'm sure your many numerous talents do not get recognized as they should. Each and every one of you deserve a damn medal! So thank you THANK YOU! For doing your job so diligently somehow with a smile on your face. You are amazing.

On that note: Serving is f*cking HARRRRRRD!!! Holy shit! This restaurant job is, hands down, THE most stressful job I have EVER had! The place is just downright chaotic. Ever since starting this job I have found myself not able to get to sleep as I lay awake going over the Lebanese/Moroccan dishes and beverages I need to have memorized. I also find myself trying to figure out how to multi-task better and how to please the many different people who are always shouting different orders at me.
I feel instantly stressed and irritable when I enter that restaurant and then when I leave I am so relieved and exhausted that I want to cry. I have found myself right back into the throw of almost every persons' dreaded reality: The hating of your job.
I LOVE my job at the spa! I love helping people feel more relaxed and at peace on a daily basis. That's who I am, I'm a healer. I absorb and reflect the energy around me, so I like to keep that energy positive and uplifting. The energy in the restaurant is everything but. Even if it's not busy (which it usually is) people find something to be stressed out about. And there is almost always someone snapping at someone else for whatever reason and people shouting and cursing in languages I can't even understand, none-the-less, I can't ignore it and go on with my commonly chipper attitude. Instead I find myself retreating and walking around like a terrified bunny rabbit who doesn't dare say anything cause I don't want to step on anyone's toes.
(picture that: a terrified bunny rabbit. aw sad.)
Needless to say, I don't think I will make it as a server. I just do not mesh well with extremely hectic atmosphere. I do not want to spend my entire week dreading going to work. I want to enjoy what I do. That's why I went to school and got licensed in what I am passionate about. Helping people. Helping people relax, not eat.

I will be finding a different second job.


SIDE NOTE: Do not let this derail you from visiting the restaurant!! Cedars of Lebanon has AMAZZZZZING food! and the weekend entertainment is worth the trip in itself! Besides, you can hookah when you're done eating. Not a lot of places you can do that around here.

Eating at Cedars=Good. Working at Cedars=Hard.
See the distinction?

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