Sunday, March 13, 2011

Workin girl!

I guess it's time for an update:
So after many many months of sweet sweet unemployment, (we don't need to get technical about numbers and such) Crystal has found herself not one job, but TWO!

I now work as a Massage Therapist Sat-Tues at
Akasha Spa and Salon.

It is an absolutely gorgeous spa! Seriously, the best I've seen in all of Salt Lake. I highly recommend anyone wanting a day of relaxation to come in and check it out.
[And for those of you who look at the prices and think "no way!" well, you can still give me a call for a massage and we can work out something outside of the spa.]

I am currently working on a website, which you can see here:
Please visit it for updates, it's just getting set up, so stay tuned!

Also, I got a serving job at the restaurant
Cedars of Lebanon.

I JUST got the job, so I'm not entirely sure what my schedule is going to be like there. But this is also a place you should come and check out! It is not just a restaurant, but a totally unique dining experience! The food is Morrocan and Lebanese. They have hookah lounges and on weekends also have belly dancers. The food is PHENOMENAL! (Food is Kosher & vegetarian friendly)

Neither of these places have a "Utah feel" to them. Which has been just perfect for someone like me who is just itchin to get out of here. They both offer completely unique experiences in a city so full of the same predictive things.

The biggest thing I am loving about having these two jobs is that they are so different. At the spa I am mostly on call, so I don't HAVE to be there if I don't have an appointment, which gives me a good amount of free time to do errands and chores etc. Also, naturally, the spa is very relaxed and slow-paced and since I am doing massage it helps keep me in my preferred 'zen-like' state of mind. Then the restaurant is more active and fast-paced so I can run around and get out all the built-up energy while I get to mingle and chat with all kinds of people. They balance each other out splendidly! And well, that's what life is all about: Balance.

I have seriously been so blissful and at peace with life recently that it is almost unfair. I hear about other people's problems and dramas and I can't help but feel truly blessed for how incredible my life is right now. I don't have a single thing to complain about. -Well except for the fact that I'm still in Utah and the total lack of ocean and beaches here. :P But even that doesn't bother me in comparison to all the wonderful things I DO have!
Added to that list is my mom! My very amazing mother is back from her winter in Florida!
I just couldn't be happier. If I was given three wishes right now... I would dedicate them to other people. (which is usually what I do with "wishes" anyways.)

Life is amazing.
I hope my happiness can radiate out to everyone around me and somehow uplift their life as well.


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