Sunday, October 2, 2011

October, already?!?


What the?! How the?! When the?! Where the?!....
It's October already?! Holy Crow! Where'd the summer go!? I can't believe I have now officially lived in my new house for 2 months! That's craziness. Time truly does move faster and faster every year. You heard your parents and grandparents say it growing up, but you didn't believe them, just like you didn't believe it when they said "you'll understand when you're older." And here we are, or here I am. Older, and slowly learning that everything adults said to us when we were younger is true. Well, almost everything... let's not give all our elders THAT much credit. ;P

So updates: I am now working at Studio Nine Salon and Spa, located on 926 East 900 South. I love it there. I'll admit, it's unfortunate they don't have a FULL spa... (there aren't any locker rooms, with showers, sauna's, and steamrooms,) BUT there is a nice peaceful room where I can do what I do best, and that is all that really matters. Plus, I am making a better commission rate, and I am finally working for someone who CARES about their place of business, AND for their employees.

Also, I LOVE the 9th and 9th area. I have gotten to spend plenty of time checking out all the shops around there which is something I have always wanted to do, but never took the time to. So hanging out around there, and being in this new house in a new area, kinda makes it feel like I actually did move somewhere new!
(Until I hear news such as Brewvies getting ticketed for showing a movie w/ nudity in it, and then I am quickly reminded I still live in Salt Lake Shitty. Argh.)

There is ONE great thing about Salt Lake City/Utah however,....... the mountains of course! And with fall upon us, the leaves are as gorgeously changing as ever. If you haven't gotten up there to check them out, DO IT!
Vic and I hiked Lake Blanche last weekend. It was glorious!

Lakes Lillian and Florence:

The awe-inspiring colors looked as if they would glow in the dark!:


Also, with October brings.... HALLOWEEN!!! (Which also just so happens to be Vic's birthday) As per usual, I have spent all year trying to come up with a great halloween costume, and have yet to land on a solid plan. Therefore, time for serious racking of the brain and creative skillzz!

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