Friday, May 14, 2010



Betty White is all the hype right now. And you know what?! She should be! In fact she should always be the hype. As you should know, she reluctantly hosted Saturday Night Live last week, (they've been trying to get her to host for YEARS but she's never wanted to) and if you were unfortunate enough to miss it...Well, you best be HULU'n that shit ASAP! Pure brilliance.

Now, I don't want to get all elementary and "I liked her first!" on ya... HOWever, it's totally true. I've loved Betty White since as far back as I remember. I can say with confidence that I have seen EVERY SINGLE episode of the Golden Girls at least ten times.
It is my all time favorite show of all time. ALL TIME!

The season DVD's are ALL I've asked for for my birthday for years... why I haven't bought them for myself is beyond me. (probably cause they ain't cheap)

Betty White is the only famous person that I've met that had me TOTALLY star struck!! All I could do was shake her hand all wide eyed and smilely. It took all of my power not to start rambling about how much I love her. She's just the sweetest thing ever! Plus she's a total hottie, and hysterical to boot!!

So I just wanted to pay a tribute to my favoritest of ladies!
Betty White, you are a GOLDEN GODDESS that deserves all the admiration in the world!!!

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