Thursday, May 27, 2010


Sitting at a coffee shop next to a guy that looks like he's planning a trip around the world... how do I casually strike up conversation and ask him if I can go without sounding desperate and crazy???

SO here I am on my spring break..... on the computer. wha?? Seriously though, it has been SOOOO nice to have the days all to myself, to fill them up however I like. While it does suck that I couldn't afford to go anywhere, and also that no-one else had time off at the same I did (jerks); it has really been nice to catch up on things I've been wanting to do. Like make a new playlist on my IPOD. YEAH...that's how exciting I am.

And by the way, I did pass all my finals!! YESSS!! When I go back to school next week I start Clinic! EEK. I'm nervous. But it'll be good, I'm confident. SO from now on if you want a massage come to Myotherapy College on Saturday afternoons from 1-4 pm. Ask for Crystal. :) $25

Let's see, what else....I finally got brave and took the frontrunner to Ogden this week to visit my Mom for her birthday. It was actually pretty fun. Nice smooth ride, and only took about 45 minutes. Not bad at all! I highly recommend it to anyone who travels north for any reason.

Side note: I need more friends with bikes.

Well I just wanted to update this thing since I haven't had much time recently. But really I don't have anything exciting to report. SO peace out.

Come! Let us gingerly touch our swords!!


Tyson Roberts said...

congrats on passing all of your finals! it would be nice if you lived in seattle right about now, i need a back massage and $25 isnt bad.

Kcscrystal said...

Someday Tyson... Someday I will live there... Course by then I won't be chargin $25. haha Just go to any of the massage colleges, all of them have a student clinic that are generally cheap. :)