Monday, May 17, 2010


Okay boys and girls.... FINALS week is finally here! I can't believe I have already made it through my 2nd term AND 110 muscles!!! AHH!! I've gotten to the point where whenever I watch someone move, especially dance, I sit and visualize the exact muscles that they are using and the kinesiology terms of the movements their doing. I've been studying my butt off, and I'm actually not totally terrified of my final.. which that in itself sorta frightens me. hmmm..

Well, needless to say, my life will continue to be pretty intensely consumed with muscle-study until after Wednesday. Then.....


I am prepared to play.......hard! So everyone who wants to play with me please call me after this week! (and get ur mind outta the gutter!)
It'll be my one and only week free of school this year! :D

Hikes and Bike rides all around! Yippee!

P.S. There are some pretty fun pictures that come up with you google image search "spring break." I'm sure you can imagine....

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