Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's JUNE!!!

Wow... I cannot believe that it's already JUNE!!! The BEST month of the year!!! (my birthday month) I also can't believe I am already in my third term of school!!! This year has just FLOWN by!!!

I got my grades for last term... and not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have to boast... I got a 3.9!!! And the only reason is because I missed two days of one class, so they had to give me an A-. So what?! I am ecstatic!!! I know to some of you "do-gooders" and "over-achievers" out there who always have to get a 4.0 might not think this is all that great... But for a B average student, this is just AWESOME!! It's totally hanging on my fridge right now.

Among my classes this term I am taking Pathology and Nutrition. So if I actually find the time to blog... expect to be seeing blogs about illness, diseases, enzymes, vitamins, diets, etc. I'm really excited for this term, even if I have to write 3-4 papers. (I actually like writing papers)

I don't have much time to add anything else so I'm just gonna throw in a few random thoughts:
  • I went and saw Sex and the City 2 last week....and it was, of course, AMAZING. BUT afterwards I got to thinkin that maybe that show gives girls unrealistic expectations of girlfriends. Do any girls ACTUALLY have this kind of little clique?! And if so, where is mine??
  • Having a guy as a 'best friend' lately, has been pretty damn awesome. And I am so very grateful for him and everything he does for me. THANK YOU GEOFF!!!
  • I have also been so very grateful for my friend Zrinka. She has been my saving grace lately. AND I love that she is a space nerd just like me!! EVERYONE should go to the Clark Planetarium and see "The Ultimate Universe"... it's MIND blowing!
  • Sometimes I feel like there is so much beauty in this world I don't have the capacity to take it all in. Also, sometimes I feel like this world is so detailed and intrique that if I really try to comprehend it, my mind will literally implode.
  • In school we have to write a Mission Statement and and a list of Goals. I asked if I could put 'find a sugar daddy' as a goal...but apparently that needs to go on my 'dream list.'
  • This weekend I have the chance to cross something off my "things I want to do someday" list. And I can't stop smiling about it. :D

God, life is crazy isn't it?!? Hope everyone is feeling as radiant and joyful as they possibly can!!


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