Friday, June 18, 2010

MA BIRFFFFDAY Weeeekend!!!

It's almost my birthday.... it's almost my birthday.... it's almost my birthday!!!!!
My FAVORITE holiday of the year!!! (am I selfish or what?!?)
It's the one day of the year where I can do anything I want and I can use my day of birth as an excuse.
It's not even my actual day of birth that I am excited about.... it's the party the night before! I over invited, because, well you know, generally only half the people you invite actually show up. However... it's lookin like it's going to be a full load.
Even better! More people to shake my booty with!

You know, this is the first time in SIX years that I have been home for my birthday! Can you believe it!? For fun, let's go over a list of things I've done for my birthday:

19th: --how sad is this... I can't remember what I did for my 19th birthday... hmmm.. damn memory loss.-- Instead I'll fill this space by mentioning my 15th birthday, in which my mom took me on the Mexican Riviera cruise, where they showed Titanic on the boat (wtf?!) and I got my first kiss! :)

20th: Road trip to Vegas with Mike, Kaitlin, and way to strong 'special' brownies. Getting lost in Caeser's palace. Fear and Loathing. Hilarity ensued.

21st: BEST TRIP OF MY LIFE! Just me and Ariele in her white Honda Civic, started in Vegas for the big 2-1, then off to LA, San Fran, Eureka, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver Canada where Ariele got put on the cover of a magazine. Once again, BEST TRIP EVER!!!!

22nd: Went to Southern Utah and hiked down the biggest face-cliff I've ever hiked into Sundance Canyon (I can't actually remember the name of the canyon and that might be a made up name) where we camped for 3 days, spending one of them on the Colorado river. It was the end of June in the desert and it was 107 degrees. Needless to say, heat-stroke ensued; followed by a massive feeling of accomplishment.

23rd: Took a road trip over to Oregon to see Crater Lake National Park. Drove along the coast of Oregon and camped in the Redwoods. Gorgeous.

24th: I was working up at good ole St. Mary's Resort in Montana, and all my new friends threw a Bonfire/Kegger party for me. Unfortunately the Keg tipped over on the way to the fire pit, so we were really drinking mostly foam and flat beer. But at 6,000 feet elevation, it didn't matter, it got the job done. :)

(Damn, I'm good to myself on my birthday!)

And now we're up to speed. While all those trips were INCREDIBLY fun... I'm actually excited to be home where I can see all of my friends! So hopefully you're coming tomorrow night... I can't wait to boogie down!!!!

UPDATE 7/12/10:

I remembered my missing birthday!!! I went camping up at Lava Hot Springs!! Me, Kaitlin, Greg, and Rob. Rob took his brothers ID and got us a bottle of Jager, we got back to the campsite and starting setting things up when all of a sudden, CRAAAASSSSHHH!!! Someone knocked over the bottle and it shattered. Sweet sweet Jager poured out everywhere. It was the saddest thing ever. Fortuantely we had more liquor AND the whole campsite to ourselves.
(THANK YOU diary!)

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