Monday, August 2, 2010

Polarity Therapy

"In using Polarity Therapy we are working with balancing the human energy fields. As with all life (and for that matter all of existence), energy moves from the greatest subtlety and greatest power of the spiritual level down through the mental level and continues down to the physical level where it manifests in its most solid form. On the phyiscal level, where the effects of imbalances and distortions from levels above become most noticeable, it is necessary to work with the energy fields as they relate to the three gunas and the five elements.

The three gunas, Sattwas, Rajas, and Tamas, are the three aspects of all manifest creation and are found in various combinations in all things and in all activities. Rajas is the positive, expansive yang aspect of polarity energy movement; Tamas is the negative, contractive, yin aspect of polarity energy movement; and Sattwas is the neutral aspect from which all energy arises and moves. Without the three gunas, no polarity charges could arise, no energy cuold move, and life as we know it would not exist."

And that is only the beginning.

Learning Polarity is like learning a new language. Or even more intense... it's like learning a whole new way to look at the world. It's expansive, it's in depth,... it's too much to try and cram into ten weeks. In the words of my Polarity teacher:
"You can study Polarity your whole life and still not even grasp the surface of understanding it's depth."


I have a final on it tonight. . . please wish me lots and lots of luck.

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Thomas said...

The very synthesis of old Eastern and alternative medicine ideas, which delves on the very principle of a human energy field. It is highly possible to combine this with the the usage of theta. Healing modalies like Thetahealing could possible have a much more positive effect when combined with each other. Especially for Thetahealing, which in principle can be combined easily with any modality.