Monday, September 7, 2009

My Pet Peeves...

Where there is a list of things loved, there must come a list of things that are not loved. Therefore, here is my

~List Of Pet Peeves~

- small talk.
- fake people.
- bad/hypocritical drivers.
- nails on a chalkboard or car.
- having my belly button touched.
- yelling into microphones.
- when things don't follow the same pattern/rhythm.
- people who sing off key, and loudly.
- when people don't use proper grammer, e.i. "we was."
- when people don't finish they're sentences.
- when someone brings something up and then says "never mind."
- when people cut in the middle of other people while they're talking.
- people who have to publicly and repetitively declare what they stand for.
- people who try to push their beliefs onto others.
- when people invade my personal space without my consent.
- people who are overly touchy.
- when people stare at me.
- when people complain about something small and act like its the end of the world!
- having to repeat myself.
- when people mumble.
- when people chew loudly.
- people who breathe loudly.
- people who have to always be right.
- cover/bed hogs.
- a room with no trash can or clock.
- having to repeat myself.
(oh wait, did I already say that?)
- unnecessary clutter.
- when people don't at rinse off their dishes
- when someone says their bored, but doesn't take anyone's suggestions.

People who are overly: . . .

- judgemental
- critical
- close minded
- racist [and not in a joking manner]
- pessimistic
- cruel hearted
- disrespectful
- liars
- hypocrites
- manipulative
- full of hatred

(I'm sure this list will continue to get updated...)

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