Friday, September 25, 2009


So since I've been hanging out with a cowboy I have to admit, I've developed quite the appreciation for country music.
(Not to mention I've also, worn boots, rode horses, shot guns, help build a fence, gone country swing dancing, tried chew, and of course, listened to lots of country music.)
I used to not care for much of it, but a few songs here and there, but the more and more I've listened to it, I've decided that it really is the basic form of all music and it is actually really really good. I don't have much else to say on the topic, but I simply wanted to share this music video with you. It's by the Zac Brown Band. Every song they write is so fun and cheerful, I just love them. Tell me this video doesn't make you happy. It's called "Toes."

And this one is probably my favorite, it doesn't have an actual video yet, so this is the best I could find. It's called "Where the boat leaves from" it just makes me giddy. :)

Zac Brown Band, You ROCK!!!

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