Monday, October 12, 2009


So since the job search has been completely and utterly unsuccessful, (I didn't realize that Oregon has the highest unemployment rate in the country right now) I will be heading back to Utah at the beginning of next week. I know I can get a job out there, so for me to sit around here waiting and waiting and getting further in debt is just silly.
Also, Brad has a job waiting for him in Ireland, (lucky bastard) therefore as he usually does every winter, he will be heading back to Ireland to work on a ranch out there, breaking and training horses. Hopefully I can save up enough money to get a passport and plane ticket to go visit him... I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Ireland.
I'm bummed, because I was extremely excited to live in Portland, and to have a snow-less winter. And because I'm going back to OO-tah. :P

However, I am EXTREMELY excited to see my Mom!!! It has been too long (it's always too long if I go over a month). And of course to see all my wonderful friends. And what better way to spend Halloween then in a haunted house?! haha....ha, eek!
[no really, I'm actually scared to sleep in the basement by myself, and I'm like what, 24 now?!]

I only plan to be there until January, and then hopefully I can stay true to my course of moving to Portland after I've saved up some money, or at least gotten myself out of debt. But only time can tell what the future holds for us...So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

So anyways, watch out Utah... here I come!

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