Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Wow, so driving 800 miles with an unsedated cat is MISERABLE!!! The sounds that came out of her mouth were seriously frightening.. came right from the gut and were as irritating as the sound of a babies crying hysterically. But I have to say, Bjork is probably the BEST cat EVER!! I mean, she loves me!! Truly truly loves me. She would NOT get off my lap (except to do the occasional pacing around)...and whenever I got out of the car she would paw at the window with this, "don't leave me" look. AND when we would stop at gas stations, a couple times she jumped out of the car...but would just pace around by me and wherever I was! Once or twice she wondered off, but as soon as I realized and called her back, she would prance right back into my arms. How many cats do you know of that would do that?!? I also noticed at the hotel last night that when she looks at me, it's like she has googley baby eyes. She truly loves me, and I her... oh what a wonderful relationship.
Speaking of relationships.... let's not speak of relationships. :(

So I'm back at my Mom's house. I've been here for about an hour now and I've already heard two unexplainable noises. Guess the ghosts know I'm back. Yay. I can't wait to sleep in the basement by myself. ahhhh!!! Speaking of ghosts, did anyone go see the movie 'Paranormal Activity'??? We went and saw it on Sunday. That movie F*CKED ME UP!!! I seriously haven't slept well ever since!!! (well i haven't slept well in months, but now it's out of fear!) Such a horrifying movie!

On another topic, I went to a little German town called Leavenworth in Washington this weekend for a little thing called Oktoberfest. It was AWESOME!!! We met up with some other people we met up in Montana (the BEST people up there).. and well, the whole weekend was a blurry blast of debauchery and drunken-ness madness. Oh, and the chicken dance. That DAMN SONG!!! It is STILL stuck in my head. That song is ONLY fun the first time you hear it. Not when you hear it in one tent... then the second tent... then the third tent. I bet the bands were ordered to play that song a couple times every hour. DA NA NA NA NA NA, DA NANANANAN NA NA NA NA NA CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP.... AAAAHAHHHHHH!!!! But the beer was delicious and plentiful, and the company was wonderful! Plus we rented a really awesome house up there, and it had A HOT TUB!!! Needless to say, lots of nudity persued. :) Love you guys!

So anyways, here I am trying to distract myself from things... trying to figure out what to do with my life... trying to figure out what to be for halloween (I think I've decided, but I'm not telling)... trying to find a job... trying not to be scared of the basement... trying to relax and unwind... and well... I'm trying.
(I added this picture because the 'double fingers'
totally explain my life right now;
Some things are 'thumbs up'...others are 'middle finger'. )
"My brain is a burger and my heart is the charcoal"

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