Thursday, October 1, 2009


What a perfect place for someone who loves bridges to live. We went down to the city again the other day. What a wonderful and beautiful city. You know the community is actually trying to get more people to ride bicycles then drive cars!!? How bad-ass is that?! There were bikers everywhere! And what I especially love about the city is there are not really any huge hills, small inclines here and there, but nothing like San Francisco. I can't wait until I live close enough that I can bike around. There's also tons of little vintage shops. So one day I'm going to take my bike around to all those little shops and have a splendid little shopping/biking day. I plan to count how many coffee shops I pass on my route. ;)
I've also re-decided that I love gray weather! I always have, and here's why: First of all, jacket weather is my favorite! I love wearing sweaters and jackets and scarfs... but not coats and gloves. When it is gray outside, you can still go outside and do whatever you want, as long as its just gray and not raining. OR if you choose to, you can stay inside without feeling guilty about it. See when it's constantly sunny outside, I feel guilty for sitting in the house, no matter how tired I may be, I always feel like the sun is mocking me. (to be said in a low goofy voice) "Come on Crystal, Mr. Sun is out here shining bright as ever on this beautiful day! You should not be sitting inside." Also, if the sun only comes up every few days then you feel MORE excited to get outside and play in it. Besides, it has been sunny almost every day here. Most days the weather is very schizophrenic. It will be gray, then sunny, then gray, then sprinkle, then get sunny again. We've actually had days that got up to 90+ degrees here. I didn't realize it got so hot on the west coast. Course I am waiting for all this "constant rain" that everyone says they have here. I'm being told that it is like that through the winter... and you know what? I will absolutely take 4+ months of rain over snow, any day.
Anyways, here's some of the pictures:

(it was windy, I promise my hair wasn't that messy)

(doesn't this look like the fountain on
Married w/ Children? hehe)

(I think she looks better in the Mountains...)

(como wha??)

(this guy was walking his cat on a leash...
I bet that cat was pissed!)

Oh, we also went to Merwin Lake on Sunday with a couple of wealthy folk that we met...
However, when we got there the battery on their boat was dead.
But no worries, we had plenty of beer, so we just sat on the dock and drank. Beautiful day.

By-the-way, I can buy Fat Tire whenever I want now!!!
neee-neeeerrrrr neee-neeeerrrrr!

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