Thursday, November 5, 2009

10 Sad Sad Facts

  1. I've only been back in Ogden for two weeks now.... and I'm already ready to leave again. I mean, I love seeing my friends and being with my Mom, but Ogden is...well....Ogden. I feel like I'm 18 all over again; with the thought that if I'm going to live in Utah, I want to at least live in Salt Lake CITY. But really, I'm just ready for something new... again.
  2. I feel like I'm the only person my age NOT going to school. I know I probably should be... and yet I have NO desire to.
  3. I have attempted to start a cleanse about three times this week. Not eating is just too damn hard!! Dear Food: why do you have to taste so good?!?!
  4. The Gold's Gym in Ogden, is NOT affiliated with the Gold's Gym in Salt Lake. WTF?!? Therefore, when my membership automatically starts back up again in January.... I will not be able to go to the gym here. Again: WTF?!?!?!
  5. I could start work as a waitress tomorrow if I wanted too.... but for some reason I just DON'T want to do it. I love eating out, and working at a restaurant will spoil that for me. Plus people are so damn rude these days. SO I just continue to sit and collect unemployment, waiting for some sort of awesome job opportunity to just come knocking on my door. -sigh-
  6. I am so tainted on love and relationships right now, that even watching actors embrace each other on TV, irks me.
  7. I have never felt fatter in my life. It's doing horrible things to my self-esteem. I am so mad at myself for working so hard this spring to look good,(which WAS working) just to ruin it all this summer by drinking my weight in beer and whiskey and never working out. ugh!
  8. Just like when I lived here before, I hear voices and strange noises when I'm the only one home....this house is totally and completely haunted. Or I'm entering early stages of Dementia, which is not only possible, but likely.
  9. I find it very difficult to turn down the offer of a drink.... I'm pretty sure at this point you could call me a functioning alcoholic. :/

And the last and final sad, sad fact is:

10. I don't think anyone reads my blogs. So I'm bascially just venting to myself.


Anonymous said...

I read your blogs!! I know it sucks living in Ogden, cause it... like you said, Ogden. There's always so much more to do in Salt Lake... It sucks!

Jamie and Shad said...

you should move to morgan, then you'd really be hatin' it! haha that sucks you think you're fat... :( i think you look good and definitely more in shape than me! i like reading your blog. it gives me something fun to do at work!

Kcscrystal said...

Well I'll be... look, people do read it!! That is good to know. And I only feel fat cause I wasn't working out... which I started doing again yesterday. Thank you though! You're so sweet.

And yes, Salt Lake is much, much better.