Tuesday, November 10, 2009


There is some sort of feline creature roaming around in the woods behind my Mom's house... It is either the BIGGEST house cat I have EVER seen, or is it some sort of cougar that escaped the mountains and crossed over several highways to get here. I have NO clue what is is! But I can tell you, it looks like a lynx. Do we even have those in Utah? I know they can be found somewhere in North America... But here in Utah? I've tried to go outside to look at it, but honestly it's a bit intimidating. It appears as if it would come up to the height of my knee!! It's like brown with black spots... always looks like it's stalking some sort of prey... I'm sure this beast is who bit my cat on the foot this summer, the bastard. Here's a picture of a Lynx, and I tell ya, this is pretty much what this thing looks like. WTF?!

I would take a picture of the real thing.... but I don't have a camera except my phone, and it never stays still long enough for me to get a good one. But I must say I am facinated by this creature, and love when I actually catch it lurking around the back yard.

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