Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Florida was AWESOME!!!

It was a wonderful 83-85 degrees the whole time, with not a cloud in the sky!!! The air was just humid enough that you could feel the difference, but not so overwhelming that you constantly feel wet. My hair and my skin have never felt softer, OR had such an incredible glow! We spent the majority of our time at the pool (shown above) or the beach (shown below), because in those weather conditions, it is just ridiculous to stay inside! My mom is now convinced she wants to move there, and I'm all for it!! Well, I'm all for HER moving there... as for me... I could maybe move there when I was older, but it was, as advertised, full of old people. So if I ever get the opportunity to retire... that's where I'll go to do it.

It's amazing how much of a difference elevation has on the body. When I got off the plane and walked into the Salt Lake City airport, I literally felt like I couldn't take a deep breathe. I also, almost instantly needed chapstick and lotion. Not to mention it was like 18 degrees when we landed. Ugh.
I definitely need to live by a beach, AND mountains... and around sea level where I can bike and don't have an asthma attack!!

Oh! And another thing about Florida.... they have "Panther Crossing" signs!!!! The same way we have "Deer Crossing" signs!!! It's awesome!!! I totally wanted a picture of one, but they are only on the big highways where I couldn't stop. But if any of you know of Jack's graphic novel... me getting a picture in front of that sign would be brilliant!!! Too bad.

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