Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Inner Goddess

So since I've been back home, I've been trying to "find myself" again. Also, I have been attempting to tap into my inner goddess. I have been wearing more dresses and skirts, more jewelry, and a little more make up. I've been trying to care more about my appearance, the way girlie girls do. I've never been a girlie girl... in fact, I usually just throw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and run a comb through my hair. It has been a fun difference to get dressed up more often. Of course, the crappy part is that my shoe options are now limited since my having to wear a heel lift due to my short leg syndrome. meh :( But at least I can still wear cute boots! The funny thing about this, is I am only doing it for myself. I have no interest in attracting someone to me... I just want to feel girlie and cute, for ME.

(it looks like I'm posing for this picture,
but really I was just putting on my necklace,
and Mom said Smile)

But I digress... In trying to find myself, I am also trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with my life. (Aren't we all?) I finally believe I have come to a decision, which irronically (or irritatingly) enough, is the first option I decided on back in high school.... I'm going to get my massage therapy license. I have always enjoyed giving people massages, and I also very much enjoy helping others feel good. I'm also entertaining the idea of continuing into Physical Therapy. I just really want a career (you know, since I HAVE to pick one) that helps people feel better. If I had enough motivation, I would probably also try becoming a personal trainer... But it's hard enough for me to drag my own ass to the gym, let alone other peoples'. I would be a nurse if I could, but let's face it, Crystal doesn't do so well with needles.... and by that I mean I am f*cking terrified of them!!! I also don't care much for cutting people open. ick! So massage therapy seems right up my alley!! --Plus, I might be able to find out more about spinal problems, and how to fix them myself!-- ha.

So anyways, just thought I would share that bit of knowledge that I have come up with. Now I am trying to decide if UCMT is a better choice then the Ogden Institute of Massage Therapy... I'm sure it is... but is it so much better that I should make the commute? If anyone has any suggestions or advice on this subject, PLEASE let me know!!

Oh and also, I still desperately need a job... --one in Ogden, not Salt Lake-- if anyone cares to help me out in that area as well, it would be greatly appreciated. (Go figure that the week I decide to go out of town, I miss the opportunity to be on TWO different commercials... now there's nothing! argh!)

Thanks y'all!

P.S. how great has this weather been lately!? Can we continue to postpone snow, like, forever? :P
P.P.S. I love my big fat fluff ball of a cat!

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