Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 quick things...

1- I GOT THE APARTMENT!!! (you know, the one down the hall with the better view) YAY! I get to move into it before the end of the month. I'm stoked! It also crossed my mind that my manager gave it to me because she read my blog... :/ Highly unlikely, but still possible...

2- Best card v-day so far: "If music is the food of love, then rock on baby. Happy V-Day"
Best signature so far: "To Mrs. Amazing, from Captain Incredible"
har har

3- "Don't let your V-Day, become a VD Day!"
Does anyone remember those nasty MTV commercials from years and years ago? haha... I wonder if I could find them online. They were dirty.
On that note, I went to the woman doctor yesterday, and for precautions sake, they decided to draw some of my blood!!! This was the FIRST TIME I've EVER had my blood drawn!!! (this is a very VERY big deal, if you know my insane fear of needles) and the kid who did it looked like it was freakin 16!!! and had NO sense of humor about the matter. Wouldn't even give me a disney princess band-aid. jerk face. I felt very needing of a motherly figure afterwards, so I sorta whined to my boss a bit... and then, she bought me ice cream! :) Love her! I also decided that "half-baked" ice cream can cure ANYTHING.

4- I finally had a dream last night!! First one that I remember having for over a month! (which is very weird for me) Except in it I was so stressed that I clawed up my face and ripped my lips off... wtf?.... um, yikes.

5- I f*cking MISS this girl!!!!

You better not find another girlfriend in Montana!!

( P.S. Where does my top lip go when I smile? :/ )

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