Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mi Amiga

Okay, okay, okay... I've been getting crap for the fact that I am still driving to work even though I only live a few blocks away. I get it...I do... I am not naive to the fact that what I am doing is completely absurd.
My defense? I'm a wimp okay, I'll admit it, I'm a wimp! I have an extremely hard time getting out of bed in the morning... therefore, for me to get up even earlier, to insure that I have an extra 15 minutes to walk to work, just seems far too difficult at six o' clock in the morning. I'm also a creature of habit... getting in my car in the morning is just natural.
Plus... I'll just be honest, I have an unconventional, and irrational love for my vehicle. It's my inanimate baby (Bjork is my living baby). For a great example, when I take my car in to get the oil changed, or get a tune up... It makes me feel like my child is in the hospital. I'll watch it from the waiting room window to make sure no one touches it inappropriately, and sometimes I pace around in fear they will tell me something serious is wrong with it. I've had my car for almost eight years now... she's been good to me, and part of me feels like I'm abandoning her when I leave her home. I know that's irrational and ridiculous. But what can I say? Its the truth.

What definitely needs to happen, is I need to get my bike back from my Mom's house. It's been hanging in her garage for FAR too long now, and she's the one I've been abandoning. But I know she needs a SERIOUS tune up, clean up, new tires, etc... thus the reason I haven't been more persistent about dusting her off and putting her between my legs. (Reeeeeallly I just need to get a new bike. One that isn't too tall for me. But don't tell her that, it might hurt her feelings)

(this is one of my most favorite pictures of me and my bicycle on the west coast;
-where breathing is much, much easier!-)

In conclusion, I am going to start attempting to get my ass out of bed earlier, so that I can walk to work. I can't even use the cold as an excuse anymore, since it really hasn't been that cold. *sigh*
(we have barely had a winter this year...? wtf?
awesome? or global warming? hmm)

I mean, these boots ARE made for walking... ;)

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