Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ramble Ramble

This blog is going to be full of very random thoughts... For some reason I just feel like writing right now. I probably won't even edit it....


School was cancelled tonight due to a scheduled power outage. Whatever that means? Working on electrical lines I guess?--But what that meant to me was instead of going to class I could get some much needed chores done (laundry, dishes, etc) and, ALSO to break in my new massage table. I love it! I picked the aluminum table instead of the wood. While the wood is more atheistically pleasing, the aluminum is about 12 pounds lighter! It's so wonderful! Plus I got the heated fleece pad to go with it, which would kill a person like me who naturally runs hot, but is wonderful for someone who runs on the colder side. Plus did I mention how light it is!!?? :)

While I was giving my first massage on my new table, the manager of the apartments came over. See, I recently found out that the lady who lives in the front apartment is moving out in the next month. While her apartment is slightly smaller than mine, it's at the FRONT of the apartment building! Which means it has a view of the street! Which is WAY more exciting then my view of the back parking lot. :/ So I got a brilliant idea that I should try and change apartments. But APPARENTLY that is frowned upon here (wtf?)... So it's looking unlikely. The manager said she would "try to persuade the owner" but she has also previously mentioned that she wouldn't want to make the switch because it would be more work for her. Therefore, my conclusion is that it's really not the owner of the building who is saying no, but she is using him for an excuse.

Random Ramble: I need a funnel so I can put my massage lotion into the bottle, withOUT getting it all over myself.

Speaking of using people..... Well, never mind, I don't want to get into it. ...But let's just say I recently found out some news that at first made me laugh out loud... then the more I thought about it, it made me sad. My empathy goes out to all the people involved in the soap opera style drama that I have, in the past, found myself in. :/

On the note of drama; I also realized recently that I have almost no drama in my life! And by that, I of course mean with other people. There's ALWAYS drama in everyone's life, good or bad. Course I have stress with school and work... but nothing that I can't handle and didn't expect. And nothing that really gets me down. (except last week when my dyslexia royally screwed me on my bony prominences quiz!! Damn you aixelsyd!!)
But it's very nice to be in a place of peace with people and life. Really only one or two loose strings.......

Moving on,... I got new plants for my place!!! A bamboo palm and some time of ferny looking thing. They're fake of course... I was not blessed with my Mom's green thumb. About two years ago I managed to kill a christmas cactus. "How did you manage that" my co-workers said...to which I could only reply, "I have no idea." None the less, the fake plants really add atmosphere to the place! Even though I know real ones would be much better. Now all I really need is curtains... Oh, I do so love decorating a new place. :)

Random Ramble: Is it weird that I feel sad for my socks when they loose their mate?

By the way, I am totally watching Alice in Wonderland right now. God I love this movie!
"We'll smoke the monster out!" LOVE this movie! Still can't wait for the Tim Burton version. mmmmmm *salvation* mmmmmmm

So so far, because I know you're curious, my favorite Valentines card message has been,
"To my darling sweet pea,
Happy Valentine's Day!
From your huckleberry"

hehe...They've been pretty bland this year. the funniest is when its from a husband to a wife, and they sign the card, "Love, Your Husband, John Smith"
Like, really? Does your wife not know your name? Or the fact that you're her husband? How


But now it's dream time...
How DO you get to WonderLand?!?

Wisdom becomes knowledge when it is personal experience.

P.S. My Grandma Rin FINALLY came back to Utah!!!! I sure missed that sweet little thing!!

Grandma and Grandpa, home, and together again.

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