Sunday, February 28, 2010

Camera play

Countin' flowers on the wall, that don't bother me at all.
Playin solitaire till dawn, with a deck of fifty one.
Smoking cigarettes and watching captain, Kangaroo...
Now don't tell me....I've nothing to do.

Love this little thing.

True Dat!

"There are no calories on girls night!"

Damn you for being so damn cute all the time!

Digital cameras didn't exist when mom dad's relationship did....
So here in lies a photo of a photo.

and another photo of a photo...
the sad part is this is one of my FAVORITE photos of myself...
and yet, I have no copy for myself.

My inheritance.
Love this picture.
It will hang in my living room proudly.

Exerpt from:
UFO's Exist

"How often have I said to you, that when you have eliminated the impossible,
whatever remains, however improbable,
must be the truth."

~Sherlock Holmes
The sign of the Four



Who does this?!!??
This sticker was stuck on my car, without my knowledge...
and more importantly, without my consent.
WHO DOES THIS?!? and why?!?!
I don't know what "AM" is...
and I don't f*cking CARE!!!
I am NOT happy about this crap!
Now I have one more stupid thing to worry about...
Getting this off my car!

(great face to follow last photo)
And this is just ONE reason that I love Leslie.

Doesn't this snow patch TOTALLY resemble a dog?!!?
I found it in front of my Mom's house...
Just like this. No joke... But it is funny....

Someone needs to buy me this mug.
Perhaps one of my kids...?
*hint hint*
P.S. Call your mother!

Do you think I have an addiction??
There's even more behind ones shown... :/

[Side Note: the Big Lots in Ogden was selling Yogi Tea!!!
I know right?!?!
I went nuts.... (and I already had more than I needed) ]

And for the finale'....
Here's a picture of my Scoliosis.
--Yeah, that's my spine--

Friday, February 26, 2010

Stuck in the Middle With You

I think it's safe to say this is one of my all time FAVORITE songs.
Of all time.
All time favorite.
Love it.
Could listen to it everyday, kinda love.
Can't get enough of it, kinda love.

Everytime I hear it, I feel happy. I can't help but groove to the bass.
There is just NO holding still during this song.

And now that I've FINALLY seen the video....
I officially have a crush on the entire band.
(but mostly the lead singer)

P.S. Can bell-bottoms come back in style please?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Out with the old... with the new.

So I'll be moving into my new apartment this weekend. The tricky part? I was just told TODAY that I can start moving in TOMORROW, but that I have to be totally out of my current place BEFORE saturday!!!! Um... okay!!?? Nothing like short timing! Especially since I work and have school today and tomorrow... and then work again Friday!! Geez...
But fortunatly I have great friends who are offering to help. (you guys totally rock) I guess I'll just be spending some late nights hauling stuff over. I'm totally stoked on getting my new place though! Even though it is smaller than the one I have now... it's all about the feel of a place, and the new place has a much better feel to it.
On the same subject of "out with the old, in with the new," I started a cleanse this week.
[I finally did it!] It's similar to the master cleanse, only not as harsh on your body because there are supplement pills to go along with it. (plus there's no nasty cayenne pepper in the mix, ick!) If you are interested in learning about the cleanse I'm doing, you can read about it at:
I'm not doing this to loose weight (though that would be an added bonus), I'm doing this because I have been learning all about the ins and outs of our body and I know how absolutely disgusting our colons can get over time, so I figured, what better time than now to give mine a good ole cleaning.
So on Monday I just ate fruits and veggies all day... You're supposed to do this for two days, but since I barely ate on Sunday (and it was mostly stir fry veggies) I just did one day of fruits and veggies. (plus I was anxious to get started) Yesterday was my first day doing the drink, which is lemon juice, distilled water, and pure maple syrup (which was DAMN expensive!! thanks whole foods!). It's actually really good! I thought I would have a hard time drinking it all, but I find myself actually wanting more than the alloted amount. And you know what? I haven't even felt hungry!! A few times a day I will get hunger pains, but I just drink some more mix and remind my body that it's getting all the nutrients it needs and it goes away. Plus I've had way more energy than expected. Even more than regularly! Take that morning coffee!
The pills are the hardest part. There are 2 cleansing pills, 2 detox pills, and 8 fiber pills you take.... TWICE daily. I hate pills. I hate taking pills. I've never been good at it. I was the type of kid where I had to have the liquid form or mom had to hide the pills in my oatmeal or whatever. Yesterday, for the first time IN MY LIFE, I swallowed FOUR pills at once!!! It was immediatly followed by a solo dance of celebration in my kitchen. :) Mom would be so proud.

Again, on the subject of new beginnings... I am sorta starting to get spiritual guidance from my Thai Chi teacher (Clint). Nothing is officially happening yet, as I feel I should probably graduate school before I totally devote myself to cleaning out my mind and soul. (I'm already working on cleaning out my body.) There's a list I have to go through, and I take certain situations or people from the past, or present, that I am holding resentful feelings towards and I go through this check list..... well I won't get into it, but it is the beginning of clearing everything out of my system. *sigh of relief*
I am ecstatic to go through the entire spiritual process. To go through life without a care in the world (like Clint does), just sounds devine.
Now for fun, here's a couple notes from my Theraputic Wellness class:

"Spirituality is our own concept of living based on our experiences. Therefore, our spirit is made from our belief system. Every belief is accompanied with some sort of emotion. The greater the emotional factor, the stronger the belief."

"Those who don't live within their personal beliefs are not at peace. Those that find guidance and live in alignment of it, are more at peace with themselves. Therefore, more at peace with the world."

"Ego is the destroyer of all spirituality."


Also something we talked about in class that I just love and want to share, the definition of insanity:
"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome."

Think about that. I mean, really, really think about it.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE my school?!?

Well I guess that's all for now. I really honestly have almost NO free time anymore. The sad part, is that some people still haven't caught on to that concept, and they continue to invite me to things on weeknights that sound oh-so-fun! Alas, I am never able to participate. I find myself thinking back to the days when I would get off work and be able to do just whatever I wanted, which usually consisted of the gym, followed by a movie and cocktails. Those were nice relaxing days. But honestly, I'm surprised how how quickly school is going...only two more weeks till next term! This year is going to fly by, and then come 2011, I can be self employed! (If I should choose to do so.) I see much travel, and many vacations in my future. :)

Life is great. Dare I say, ...I'm violently happy.

Loves to all,
Crystal Ann


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christian the Lion

Okay.. this is probably the CUTEST thing I have EVER seen!!!!

This video will cause tearing of the eyes!

P.S. I want a pet lion!!!!
P.P.S. I love that guys hair!!
P.P.P.S. You should also go to youtube and look up the "orangutan and the hound", another far too adorable video!! Animals are so much cooler than humans....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mi Amiga

Okay, okay, okay... I've been getting crap for the fact that I am still driving to work even though I only live a few blocks away. I get it...I do... I am not naive to the fact that what I am doing is completely absurd.
My defense? I'm a wimp okay, I'll admit it, I'm a wimp! I have an extremely hard time getting out of bed in the morning... therefore, for me to get up even earlier, to insure that I have an extra 15 minutes to walk to work, just seems far too difficult at six o' clock in the morning. I'm also a creature of habit... getting in my car in the morning is just natural.
Plus... I'll just be honest, I have an unconventional, and irrational love for my vehicle. It's my inanimate baby (Bjork is my living baby). For a great example, when I take my car in to get the oil changed, or get a tune up... It makes me feel like my child is in the hospital. I'll watch it from the waiting room window to make sure no one touches it inappropriately, and sometimes I pace around in fear they will tell me something serious is wrong with it. I've had my car for almost eight years now... she's been good to me, and part of me feels like I'm abandoning her when I leave her home. I know that's irrational and ridiculous. But what can I say? Its the truth.

What definitely needs to happen, is I need to get my bike back from my Mom's house. It's been hanging in her garage for FAR too long now, and she's the one I've been abandoning. But I know she needs a SERIOUS tune up, clean up, new tires, etc... thus the reason I haven't been more persistent about dusting her off and putting her between my legs. (Reeeeeallly I just need to get a new bike. One that isn't too tall for me. But don't tell her that, it might hurt her feelings)

(this is one of my most favorite pictures of me and my bicycle on the west coast;
-where breathing is much, much easier!-)

In conclusion, I am going to start attempting to get my ass out of bed earlier, so that I can walk to work. I can't even use the cold as an excuse anymore, since it really hasn't been that cold. *sigh*
(we have barely had a winter this year...? wtf?
awesome? or global warming? hmm)

I mean, these boots ARE made for walking... ;)


I have been meaning to post this blog for a pretty minute now... But as you may or may not know, I work at a flower shop, and last weekend was Valentine's day.. therefore, I haven't had a whole lot of free time. And the free time I did have, I spent with my favoritest of people. :)

Last week we did a "lights out" massage. We had to do an entire massage in the pitch black. At first hearing of it, I was a little nervous... I mean, giving a massage when you can't see anything? SOO many things could go wrong... but they didn't. And I tell ya, the experience was insane. My teacher also brought in a heater, therefore turning it into a "blackout bikram massage."
Now while most everyone else thought the heater was a great idea... Of course, little Ms hot-blooded Crystal was burning up!!!

During my turn of giving the massage, there were 2 or 3 times that I LITERALLY forgot where I was and what I was doing!!! Has that EVER happened to you?? I really can't say that I remember that happening to me so intensely. One time I had to be reminded what I was doing, MID-STROKE! All the heat and the blackness and the trippy didgeridoo music that was playing clearly really got to my head and put me in an instantaneous meditative state. It was pretty damn interesting.

Speaking of blackness... I watched this documentary on Hulu the other night about Black Holes.
-I may or may not have watched it whilest drinking wine in the bathtub. Does that make me nerd? Oh well... Watch it. You'll love it.

I love having the universe put life into perspective the way only the universe can. Showing us just how tiny and insignificant our lives are... Really makes all your problems and woah's seem pretty ridiculous. It tends to have both a heavy and a lightening feeling to it. A relief and a burden all in one. I don't really know how to put it into words.

The Universe is a trip.
Our world is a trip.
Our bodies are a trip.
Life is a trip.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Meet my Valentine.....

I met him at school...

He's an excellent listener...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 quick things...

1- I GOT THE APARTMENT!!! (you know, the one down the hall with the better view) YAY! I get to move into it before the end of the month. I'm stoked! It also crossed my mind that my manager gave it to me because she read my blog... :/ Highly unlikely, but still possible...

2- Best card v-day so far: "If music is the food of love, then rock on baby. Happy V-Day"
Best signature so far: "To Mrs. Amazing, from Captain Incredible"
har har

3- "Don't let your V-Day, become a VD Day!"
Does anyone remember those nasty MTV commercials from years and years ago? haha... I wonder if I could find them online. They were dirty.
On that note, I went to the woman doctor yesterday, and for precautions sake, they decided to draw some of my blood!!! This was the FIRST TIME I've EVER had my blood drawn!!! (this is a very VERY big deal, if you know my insane fear of needles) and the kid who did it looked like it was freakin 16!!! and had NO sense of humor about the matter. Wouldn't even give me a disney princess band-aid. jerk face. I felt very needing of a motherly figure afterwards, so I sorta whined to my boss a bit... and then, she bought me ice cream! :) Love her! I also decided that "half-baked" ice cream can cure ANYTHING.

4- I finally had a dream last night!! First one that I remember having for over a month! (which is very weird for me) Except in it I was so stressed that I clawed up my face and ripped my lips off... wtf?.... um, yikes.

5- I f*cking MISS this girl!!!!

You better not find another girlfriend in Montana!!

( P.S. Where does my top lip go when I smile? :/ )

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ramble Ramble

This blog is going to be full of very random thoughts... For some reason I just feel like writing right now. I probably won't even edit it....


School was cancelled tonight due to a scheduled power outage. Whatever that means? Working on electrical lines I guess?--But what that meant to me was instead of going to class I could get some much needed chores done (laundry, dishes, etc) and, ALSO to break in my new massage table. I love it! I picked the aluminum table instead of the wood. While the wood is more atheistically pleasing, the aluminum is about 12 pounds lighter! It's so wonderful! Plus I got the heated fleece pad to go with it, which would kill a person like me who naturally runs hot, but is wonderful for someone who runs on the colder side. Plus did I mention how light it is!!?? :)

While I was giving my first massage on my new table, the manager of the apartments came over. See, I recently found out that the lady who lives in the front apartment is moving out in the next month. While her apartment is slightly smaller than mine, it's at the FRONT of the apartment building! Which means it has a view of the street! Which is WAY more exciting then my view of the back parking lot. :/ So I got a brilliant idea that I should try and change apartments. But APPARENTLY that is frowned upon here (wtf?)... So it's looking unlikely. The manager said she would "try to persuade the owner" but she has also previously mentioned that she wouldn't want to make the switch because it would be more work for her. Therefore, my conclusion is that it's really not the owner of the building who is saying no, but she is using him for an excuse.

Random Ramble: I need a funnel so I can put my massage lotion into the bottle, withOUT getting it all over myself.

Speaking of using people..... Well, never mind, I don't want to get into it. ...But let's just say I recently found out some news that at first made me laugh out loud... then the more I thought about it, it made me sad. My empathy goes out to all the people involved in the soap opera style drama that I have, in the past, found myself in. :/

On the note of drama; I also realized recently that I have almost no drama in my life! And by that, I of course mean with other people. There's ALWAYS drama in everyone's life, good or bad. Course I have stress with school and work... but nothing that I can't handle and didn't expect. And nothing that really gets me down. (except last week when my dyslexia royally screwed me on my bony prominences quiz!! Damn you aixelsyd!!)
But it's very nice to be in a place of peace with people and life. Really only one or two loose strings.......

Moving on,... I got new plants for my place!!! A bamboo palm and some time of ferny looking thing. They're fake of course... I was not blessed with my Mom's green thumb. About two years ago I managed to kill a christmas cactus. "How did you manage that" my co-workers which I could only reply, "I have no idea." None the less, the fake plants really add atmosphere to the place! Even though I know real ones would be much better. Now all I really need is curtains... Oh, I do so love decorating a new place. :)

Random Ramble: Is it weird that I feel sad for my socks when they loose their mate?

By the way, I am totally watching Alice in Wonderland right now. God I love this movie!
"We'll smoke the monster out!" LOVE this movie! Still can't wait for the Tim Burton version. mmmmmm *salvation* mmmmmmm

So so far, because I know you're curious, my favorite Valentines card message has been,
"To my darling sweet pea,
Happy Valentine's Day!
From your huckleberry"

hehe...They've been pretty bland this year. the funniest is when its from a husband to a wife, and they sign the card, "Love, Your Husband, John Smith"
Like, really? Does your wife not know your name? Or the fact that you're her husband? How


But now it's dream time...
How DO you get to WonderLand?!?

Wisdom becomes knowledge when it is personal experience.

P.S. My Grandma Rin FINALLY came back to Utah!!!! I sure missed that sweet little thing!!

Grandma and Grandpa, home, and together again.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I need this...

to be hanging on my wall.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Old Age Quiz

I have been meaning to post this for a while now, but I keep forgetting. This quiz is taken from Barney Stinson's blog. And if you don't know who Barney Stinson is.... weeeellll, then you suck!!! and you need to go rent "How I Met Your Mother" because it is...................
wait for it..............


Pay close attention to the last question.... it's my favorite!!! :)

Barney writes:

"As Aaliyah so famously declared: Age ain't nuthin' but a number. You might be fifty and act twenty, you might be twenty and act fifty, or you might be sixteen with a really good fake I.D., a body that screams eighteen, and a very violent, stubborn father.

Some of us don't know where we stand -- but as usual, Barney is here to the rescue with this very helpful quiz. Answer the questions honestly and find out exactly how old you really are..."

-You're at a bar and your friend buys a round of tequila shots. You...

(1) Down your shot, then your friend's shot, then order another round.

(2) Down your shot, thank your friend, and retire home for the evening.

(3) Turn down the shot - you have work tomorrow.

(4) This entire scenario is unrealistic - bars? What is this, college?

-Your friends are camping out for concert tickets. You...

(1) Get a keg and a tent -- you're in.

(2) Give them money and ask them to buy you a ticket

(3) Pass -- can you believe the crap those kids are listening to these days.

(4) The music's too loud, parking is a pain, and everyone's on drugs. No, thanks.

-Your friends are at the beach throwing the football around. You...

(1) Organize a tackle football game - straight out of the Abercrombie catalog. But straight.

(2) Just throw the ball around nice and soft -- while enjoying the sun's rays.

(3) Don't throw the ball at all -- that's a good way to get your trick shoulder worked up again.

(4) Don't go to the beach because sand gets in places you don't want sand to be, and the sun is a big blaring ball of potential Melanoma beating down on you.

-You're house sitting in your friend's ridiculous mansion. You...

(1) Throw a house party that will make Kid N' Play's hair fall out.

(2) Invite a small group of friends over for a dinner party.

(3) You have a date with his comfortable couch, a glass of Chianti, and the latest Clive Clussler.

(4) You leave early because you're old and depressed and it's strikingly clear you'll never be able to afford a house of similar size.

-You get a girls' number. You...

(1) Call her that night for a booty call.

(2) Wait the allotted 3 days and ask her out for coffee.

(3) Wait the allotted 3 days to call and plan a dinner.

(4) Don't call because phones are too confusing.

-The stock market is crashing. You...

(1) Don't care because you aren't invested in the stock market.

(2) Care a little because some of your buddies are on Wall Street.

(3) Start looking for a ledge to jump off of.

(4) Find it exciting to actually have something to talk to people about.

-It's the first beautiful day outside in a while. You...

(1) Fill a thermos with gin and step outside.

(2) Barbecue with some friends. Maybe even cook a steak

(3) White-wash your fence.

(4) Bird-watch with the new binoculars you bought off of QVC.

-You just found out that you won the lottery. You...

(1) Spend half the money on booze and the other half on strippers.

(2) Buy a really cool car that you've always wanted.

(3) Diversify thru mutual funds and CD's.

(4) Do not want to cash in the ticket for fear that "once Uncle Sam gets his hand in your pocket, he won't let go."

-You're at a sporting event and a jerk is causing a ruckus. Do you:

(1) Hit him with a beer bottle and when he looks over, point to the guy next to you.

(2) Berate him about why he's being a jerk and if he wants to fight you say, "Yeah, like I'm gonna fight you over a sporting event."

(3) Alert an usher about said jerk.

(4) N/A. Don't attend sporting events because of chance of inclimate weather and escalating price of concessions and seriously, have you seen what they're charging for a cup of birch beer nowadays? It's criminal.

-You're flipping thru the channels and you see that a "Golden Girls" marathon just started. You...

(1) Watch it - that show is awesome and appeals to all ages

(2) Watch it - that show is awesome and appeals to all ages

(3) Watch it - that show is awesome and appeals to all ages

(4) Watch it (at an increased volume) - that show is awesome and appeals to all ages

Assign yourself the corresponding points for each answer and tally them.

For instance, if you answered choice (1) to a question, give yourself one point, and so on and so forth.

10-15 - You're young at heart, or you're an immature jerk. Either way, do as you please.

16-25 - You're still hanging on to that last vestige of youth. Many people your age shake their head at your antics.

26-32 - You're starting to get that old person smell. Give it up

33-40 - You may be dead already.

Just because I love it....

Doesn't mean I can't make fun of it too.


(p.s. I LOOOOVE ice cream cake!)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Southern Utah?...please!!!...

I have been day dreaming and fantasizing about Southern Utah for quite some time now... It's getting worse and worse as more time goes by and I am not finding myself surrounded by the desert oasis.

As soon as I get a break from school (I think there will be one in March or April) I MUST make a LOOOONG trip down to Southern Utah. The cravings are getting insatiable!

Who wants to join me?!?