Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Come together, right now, over me.

Sometimes, things just won't work out. Sometimes, things fall right into place. My life has done both in the last few months. It all fell apart, and as I am picking up the pieces, finally something clicked, and now it is all falling into place. I have an appointment with the people at UCMT on Thursday. Since I was going to be right there across from my old job, I decided to call them and see who would be working, so that I could come in and say hi. Turns out, they want me back. I can't help but think how incredibly convenient it would be to work across the street from my school and vice verse. HOWEVER, they're both in Salt Lake... and I'm still in crappy Ogden. I know myself well enough to know that that commute twice a day will not work out very long for me. (I know, I've tried it before) Especially in winter!!!

Therefore, it looks like I'll probably be moving back to Salt Lake. *sigh* I have very mixed feelings on the subject, as usual. In one hand, I will be back in Salt Lake, out of Ogden, and hopefully can find a place right next to these two things so that all I have to do is walk everywhere. On the other hand, that means I would have to pay rent!!! How will I pay off all the debt I've put myself in, when I have to pay rent!?! Grrr... Also, I would have to find a roommate. There's no way I can/will afford to live in my own place, and that also kinda sucks, but after all the living with other people I've done this year, it won't be a problem.
So if there's anyone out there fixing to get a new roommate/new apt in Salt Lake... I'm a lovely person to live with! :)

Also, I have a meeting with my card reader on Thursday, as well. I'm totally looking forward for it!!! I am excited to see what he has to say about my new career choice. I know that he will put everything into perspective for me and help me see things more clearly, he is so much better than any guidance counselour or therapist!!! If anyone reading this has an interest in seeing him, he is an Angel Card Reader. Everything he does is based on positivity, affirmations, and moving your life in a forward positive manner. He is an absolutely amazing person, and I promise you will leave there feeling like a changed man/woman!!! Here's a link to his site for more information: http://www.yourangelsguidance.com/

So anyways, perhaps everything will come together. Right now. Over me. *Shrug* Either way, I am happy with how things are starting to look up.

Sassy Pants

P.S. Random thought: how is it possible that I don't own a tea kettle yet?!?! With how much tea I drink, it is completely absurd that I don't have one. Someone should give me one for Christmas! :P

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