Friday, December 11, 2009

What's so wise about em anyway?!

Wisom teeth... What is the deal with wisdom teeth?! Why do they just come in whenever they want, just to screw up the rest of your mouth?!? Okay, this sounds like the beginning of a bad Jerry Seinfeld joke. I went to the dentist yesterday, and found out that I not only have TWO cavities, BUUUUT that my gums decided it would be a good idea to grow a wisdom tooth in my face! I was always told that my mouth was too small and that I most likely wouldn't get any wisdom teeth. Well, that was the case until recently. Just one.. one little bastard who decided to implant himself into the left side of my mouth. Jerk. I am done going to doctors...they just keep finding things wrong with me. >: /
Here's how I feel about getting my wisdom tooth removed:

On another note, I am all signed up and set to go for college. I am getting super excited for it. I'm also very nervous because I haven't had to study or do homework for so many years... I hope I can muster up the discipline. I've always hated homework. By the way, I chose Myotherapy College. It had a much more comfortable feel to it... they take a more hollistic approach to the therapy of massage. When I was at the UCMT, I just kind of felt like they were trying to sell me a car. Talking lots of numbers and just repetitively telling me how amazing the school is, and I'm crazy to pick anywhere else. (he didn't actually say that) Plus, Myotherapy also has the option of elective courses you can take, the UCMT didn't. They have tons of electives! Some of the ones that excite me the most are: Aroma Therapy, Crystal/Stone Awareness, Herbology, and Reiki! I have ALWAYS wanted to learn about Reiki. I know I could use a good cleansing of the chakras after the year I've had. They also have Yoga for a course... how cool is that?!

Also, I start work on Monday. I am ever so fortunate that my old job took me back...or at least that they needed someone. I did enjoy that job.. while all jobs have there negatives, and it does, it is still a lovely place to work. Extremely nice people to work with, and hey, it's pretty cool being surrounded by flowers all day. Plus, when we have slow days, it will be a good environment to study in. Which I will do whether they want me to or not. :P
P.S. Need flowers?

Oh yeah, I also found a place to live! Yipee! It's in the Foothill Place Apt's... not exactly the location I desire, but it's as cheap as I'll find for a really nice place. Plus the girl I'm moving in with seems really cool. When I got to the place to check it out, she answered the door holding a bloody mary. My first thought was, "Oh... we are going to get along swimmingly!" It's a nice place! The kitchen is all new, granite counter tops, hard wood flooring... there's a patio which is about ground level, (just a little below) which is perfect for my Bjorky! Oh and the best? There are two different vanity rooms, and in between them is the toilet and shower... all separated with doors!!! That way we almost have our own bathrooms. Also there's a pool, a hot tub, a work out room, etc....Pretty bad ass, eh?! okay, I'll quite gushing.

Side Note:

My tea says,

"Travel light,
live light,
spread the light
be the light."

I am very much looking forward to this brand new year that is upon us. I want to do something epic this new years eve, to send this year off with a blurry bang!

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