Monday, December 28, 2009

uuummm creeepyy!!!!

So I was walking through the video store yesterday, just checkin out the new releases, when an interesting cover catches my eye....


Starring: Brittany Murphy

Doesn't this uber uuuuber creep you out?!?! When I saw it, I literally came to a dead stop! (no pun intended) I just stared at it in horror! and the title... "deadline"... seriously... yikes.
However, the cover picture of the video that I saw in the store had Brittany Murphy IN the tub... in this picture it's switched and Thora Birch is in the tub. --Or else, the dyslexia has gotten way way worse....

Either way, seriously creepy timing for her to come out with a movie called "Deadline."
And still, hope you're resting peacefully dearest Brittany.

P.S. I plan to rent it next time I have a horror movie night.

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