Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eff'n Winter

I hope everyone out there who loves snow sports is just beaming today!! YAY it's been snowing all day!! As for me... here are my thoughts on the matter:

After bundling up and shovelling the damn driveway, I intend to drink tea and watch movies all day long. I will not go out in this kind of weather. I swear living down in this gulley, creates more snow fall! And, in order to get anywhere, my car only has the option to trek it up one huge hill, or another huge hill. psh.
I did not plan to spend another winter here... and I hope that this year, -and then probably next years, since school is a year program- will be the last winters I spend here in Utah... and then hopefully I can live winter-free for a few years.

I once read a really cool insight about winter... I have it saved on my laptop... I'll bring my laptop upstairs sometime today and write it on here for ya'll. (Since I'll be staying in all day)

Stay safe and warm everyone!

Trapped by a blizzard

P.S. Wanna know something really nice? Having friends that live across the street. Hey guys, wanna come across the street and hookah and watch movies with me?! That's right you do!! :)

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