Monday, December 28, 2009

uuummm creeepyy!!!!

So I was walking through the video store yesterday, just checkin out the new releases, when an interesting cover catches my eye....


Starring: Brittany Murphy

Doesn't this uber uuuuber creep you out?!?! When I saw it, I literally came to a dead stop! (no pun intended) I just stared at it in horror! and the title... "deadline"... seriously... yikes.
However, the cover picture of the video that I saw in the store had Brittany Murphy IN the tub... in this picture it's switched and Thora Birch is in the tub. --Or else, the dyslexia has gotten way way worse....

Either way, seriously creepy timing for her to come out with a movie called "Deadline."
And still, hope you're resting peacefully dearest Brittany.

P.S. I plan to rent it next time I have a horror movie night.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tis' the season to be jolly!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! This is most certainly NOT my favorite holiday of all time, but I can definitely appreciate a nice day off work relaxing with my Mom, some soy nog, tea, a fire, and me and mom's adorable little "christmas tree" (which is a plant with christmas lights on it). ha.
I also like that the holiday sorta forces you to keep in contact with family and friends... while Mom and I opted to stay home and spend Christmas alone together this year, yesterday (after a horrible half day of work) I made sure to visit a good handful of friends to give them their gifts. As far as I can tell, all of my friends have been naughty this year; therefore, my gift to each one of them was coal. Seriously, coal. And a bottle of Pink champagne, so they can continue to be naughty into this next year. :) Everyone thought it was precious. (including myself--thank you dollar tree) Also, you can regift it!!! Nothing better than being able to recycle gifts and continue spreading the christmas cheer. :)

[the note says: "Santa told me you've been naughty... (so was I)
Merry Christmas anyways."]

They're only pretending not to like the coal....

Also, for those of you who didn't receive one (my bad), here is a copy of my Christmas card this year. Thank god (or santa? or Austin?) that it is better than the one last year!! At least this year I don't look 100 pounds heavier than I actually am! -Just to be on the safe side though, I decided to bundle up.- Oh and there was just no way to make Bjork not look scared.

Thank you Austin for helping me with this! It turned out great!

SO, I hope everyone's doing whatever they enjoy doing on this here holiday. I also hope everyone took two hours out of their day to watch Christmas Vacation.... because what's a christmas without the Griswalds?!? As for me, I am very much looking forward to Geoff's annual "family of friends" Christmas party (that I should be getting ready for). I think by the end of the week I will have seen the majority of my favorite people that I used to hang out with back in High School.... YAY for reunions and reminiscing. :)

OH AND I finally got me a tea kettle! I get so excited when it whistles at me!! hehe. Mom bought Tazo tea instead though... it's good, but not as good as Yogi tea of course. However, I do love the sayings on the back:
"After Mt. Mazama erupted 7,700 years ago, thre was a spot in the southern Cascades where you could feel the warmth of the lava and the cool of the jet stream. Drinking a cup of Refresh tea is sort of like that."
Doesn't that make it sound delictably devine?!

"True passion is intoxicating and invigorating, soothing and sensuous, mysterious and magical. We just thought you should know what you're in for."

Loves it. But I'm thinkin it's almost time to switch to the poison....


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy dies at 32.....really?!?!

Brittany Murphy was reported to have died early this morning due to cardiac arrest, at the ripe age of 32. I can't believe it! She was so young!!...Cocaine is a hell of a drug!!... Really, I shouldn't jump to conclusions, no one said (out loud) that she was on drugs....but at 32?!? What else could it be?! And I don't know if anyone has seen pictures of her husband, but I would imagine she would need to be on drugs to marry him. (But I'm sure he's really really nice!)
We'll miss your hotness Brittany.

Rest in peace, Brittany Murphy... I love every movie you've been in!
--Of course, Clueless is at the top of the list--

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Noddin my head like, yeah...

Movin my hips like, yeah. Got my hands up, they're playing my song, you know I'm gonna be okay..."

Anyways, I had to share this song with whoever is reading this. I absolutely can not sit still during this song! It is simply ammmaazzzzzing!!!! (not the one I was just quoting)
So for anyone out there who is unfortunate enough to not have heard it.... enjoy :)

(P.S. I may write about blog about the Dexter finale....... BUT I worry about ruining it for anyone who isn't caught up.... but for now I'll just say, well, wow... there really are no words!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009



....I can NOT stop thinking about Dexter!!! They really really did a brilliant job keeping me hanging on that last episode, I have been thinking about it all week! Tonight is the season finale, and I have absolutely NO IDEA what is going to happen! I am SO freaking excited to watch it!!!
Wanna hear my hopeful prediction??
--if not look away now!--
I hope that they keep the trinity killer on for another season! I am not ready to let go of John Lithgow! I love him so much! Just when you think he couldn't get more brilliant... he does! And man, his character, I mean, COME ON!! What a Pyschopath!!! Arthur Mitchell is seriously the epitamy of CRAZY!!!

AAAHHHH I'm so excited!!!

P.S. Did you know (or care) that Michael C. Hall (who plays Dexter)
is married to Jennifer Carpenter (who plays his sister?!)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter Insight

"In winter, people and animals sleep more, stay indoors, and rely on their stores of food and fuel to get them through this season. There is a minimum of daylight and the natural cycle is to turn inward and hibernate. (In this age, of course, most people consider seasons irrelevant, so we're unlikely to see much hibernation going on.) One of the best ways to stay healthy is to be in tune with the dynamic of the season. This time of year that means going to bed earlier, being a bit less active, and rejuvenating yourself to be ready for spring.
Don't be discouraged if you have less energy in the winter -- there is less energy around you -- use what you have wisely. Finally, take this lesson beyond the current season. The energy of water is not only present from December to March -- there should be a 'winter' in every day and at the end of every project you take on -- the period of rest and stillness, of turning inward and taking inventory. This phase is a vital part of life and longevity, and yet it is probably the most neglected in our modern lifestyle."

Eff'n Winter

I hope everyone out there who loves snow sports is just beaming today!! YAY it's been snowing all day!! As for me... here are my thoughts on the matter:

After bundling up and shovelling the damn driveway, I intend to drink tea and watch movies all day long. I will not go out in this kind of weather. I swear living down in this gulley, creates more snow fall! And, in order to get anywhere, my car only has the option to trek it up one huge hill, or another huge hill. psh.
I did not plan to spend another winter here... and I hope that this year, -and then probably next years, since school is a year program- will be the last winters I spend here in Utah... and then hopefully I can live winter-free for a few years.

I once read a really cool insight about winter... I have it saved on my laptop... I'll bring my laptop upstairs sometime today and write it on here for ya'll. (Since I'll be staying in all day)

Stay safe and warm everyone!

Trapped by a blizzard

P.S. Wanna know something really nice? Having friends that live across the street. Hey guys, wanna come across the street and hookah and watch movies with me?! That's right you do!! :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

What's so wise about em anyway?!

Wisom teeth... What is the deal with wisdom teeth?! Why do they just come in whenever they want, just to screw up the rest of your mouth?!? Okay, this sounds like the beginning of a bad Jerry Seinfeld joke. I went to the dentist yesterday, and found out that I not only have TWO cavities, BUUUUT that my gums decided it would be a good idea to grow a wisdom tooth in my face! I was always told that my mouth was too small and that I most likely wouldn't get any wisdom teeth. Well, that was the case until recently. Just one.. one little bastard who decided to implant himself into the left side of my mouth. Jerk. I am done going to doctors...they just keep finding things wrong with me. >: /
Here's how I feel about getting my wisdom tooth removed:

On another note, I am all signed up and set to go for college. I am getting super excited for it. I'm also very nervous because I haven't had to study or do homework for so many years... I hope I can muster up the discipline. I've always hated homework. By the way, I chose Myotherapy College. It had a much more comfortable feel to it... they take a more hollistic approach to the therapy of massage. When I was at the UCMT, I just kind of felt like they were trying to sell me a car. Talking lots of numbers and just repetitively telling me how amazing the school is, and I'm crazy to pick anywhere else. (he didn't actually say that) Plus, Myotherapy also has the option of elective courses you can take, the UCMT didn't. They have tons of electives! Some of the ones that excite me the most are: Aroma Therapy, Crystal/Stone Awareness, Herbology, and Reiki! I have ALWAYS wanted to learn about Reiki. I know I could use a good cleansing of the chakras after the year I've had. They also have Yoga for a course... how cool is that?!

Also, I start work on Monday. I am ever so fortunate that my old job took me back...or at least that they needed someone. I did enjoy that job.. while all jobs have there negatives, and it does, it is still a lovely place to work. Extremely nice people to work with, and hey, it's pretty cool being surrounded by flowers all day. Plus, when we have slow days, it will be a good environment to study in. Which I will do whether they want me to or not. :P
P.S. Need flowers?

Oh yeah, I also found a place to live! Yipee! It's in the Foothill Place Apt's... not exactly the location I desire, but it's as cheap as I'll find for a really nice place. Plus the girl I'm moving in with seems really cool. When I got to the place to check it out, she answered the door holding a bloody mary. My first thought was, "Oh... we are going to get along swimmingly!" It's a nice place! The kitchen is all new, granite counter tops, hard wood flooring... there's a patio which is about ground level, (just a little below) which is perfect for my Bjorky! Oh and the best? There are two different vanity rooms, and in between them is the toilet and shower... all separated with doors!!! That way we almost have our own bathrooms. Also there's a pool, a hot tub, a work out room, etc....Pretty bad ass, eh?! okay, I'll quite gushing.

Side Note:

My tea says,

"Travel light,
live light,
spread the light
be the light."

I am very much looking forward to this brand new year that is upon us. I want to do something epic this new years eve, to send this year off with a blurry bang!

This message brought to you buy my Lily Allen Radio Station, on Pandora.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Come together, right now, over me.

Sometimes, things just won't work out. Sometimes, things fall right into place. My life has done both in the last few months. It all fell apart, and as I am picking up the pieces, finally something clicked, and now it is all falling into place. I have an appointment with the people at UCMT on Thursday. Since I was going to be right there across from my old job, I decided to call them and see who would be working, so that I could come in and say hi. Turns out, they want me back. I can't help but think how incredibly convenient it would be to work across the street from my school and vice verse. HOWEVER, they're both in Salt Lake... and I'm still in crappy Ogden. I know myself well enough to know that that commute twice a day will not work out very long for me. (I know, I've tried it before) Especially in winter!!!

Therefore, it looks like I'll probably be moving back to Salt Lake. *sigh* I have very mixed feelings on the subject, as usual. In one hand, I will be back in Salt Lake, out of Ogden, and hopefully can find a place right next to these two things so that all I have to do is walk everywhere. On the other hand, that means I would have to pay rent!!! How will I pay off all the debt I've put myself in, when I have to pay rent!?! Grrr... Also, I would have to find a roommate. There's no way I can/will afford to live in my own place, and that also kinda sucks, but after all the living with other people I've done this year, it won't be a problem.
So if there's anyone out there fixing to get a new roommate/new apt in Salt Lake... I'm a lovely person to live with! :)

Also, I have a meeting with my card reader on Thursday, as well. I'm totally looking forward for it!!! I am excited to see what he has to say about my new career choice. I know that he will put everything into perspective for me and help me see things more clearly, he is so much better than any guidance counselour or therapist!!! If anyone reading this has an interest in seeing him, he is an Angel Card Reader. Everything he does is based on positivity, affirmations, and moving your life in a forward positive manner. He is an absolutely amazing person, and I promise you will leave there feeling like a changed man/woman!!! Here's a link to his site for more information:

So anyways, perhaps everything will come together. Right now. Over me. *Shrug* Either way, I am happy with how things are starting to look up.

Sassy Pants

P.S. Random thought: how is it possible that I don't own a tea kettle yet?!?! With how much tea I drink, it is completely absurd that I don't have one. Someone should give me one for Christmas! :P