Monday, March 15, 2010


Best Friends For Ever.
4 Eva.
You know it, you know it well... you've seen it in your yearbook for years and years and years. [and if you haven't... er... well, sorry. ] So many people write this to one another, and so many people say it.... But how many people actually mean it?


Watching that video that I just posted really made me think about best friends. This is something that I've been thinking of for several years now; ...basically ever since my 'best friend,' Kaitlin, moved to California and forced the "unbreakable" link in our friendship-chain, to get stretched, and then almost entirely snapped and broken.
From the time we were 10 till we were 20 we were inseparable. We practically lived at each other's houses, and referred to the other's family as, 'our 2nd family.' When one of us wouldn't go to school everyone seemed awed and amazed that they other was by herself.
"Where's Kaitlin today" they'd ask me...
"I don't know, at home I imagine." They all expected that we woke up every day and immediately called each other. (which we actually sometimes did.)
After that many years of a friendship, we got to the point of obnoxious when it came to inside jokes. We had more inside jokes than any two people should have. (which I think was a beautiful thing)
But now times are different. I moved to Salt Lake and she moved to California, and those two moves basically marked then end of a beautiful life of best friends. Even though she is back in the state, and we still talk and see each other occasionally, it just isn't the same.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a twin. I have always wanted to have at least one person around me. (and if it was a blood relative, they'd be forced to stick around)
I don't mind being alone, and I also don't mind being in crowds... but there's something special to me about having that one other person. The one person that makes you comfortable enough to know that you don't need anyone else around to enjoy yourself. This person can be a significant other (and obviously, that's what we're all longing for), but it can also just be a best friend.

Male or female. Human or animal. Real or pretend.
It's all in what they mean to you.

A great example is my Sophmore year of high school. The curse (or joy) of moving up to high school is the breaking up of cliques. Friends started hanging out with other friends, some friends got boyfriends or girlfriends, and some friends you just plain get sick of. So because of this, I found myself in a triangle. A wonderful and fabulous tri-friend-angle. It was me, Kaitlin, and Lora. And seriously, that was about it. Sure we went to the high school get-togethers here and there, and still occasionally hung out with others...but we found we just had more fun with each other.
We spent a large chunk of our time complaining about what losers we were... but even so, we were always having a kick ass time! There was never a night that we spent bored. We were almost always laughing. We all knew we could fully rely on one another for anything, at anytime. So even though at the time we felt like "losers," I look back on that year and realize that we were really, "winners." (cheeeezzzzy enough for you???)

In conclusion, this is what I'm longing for now. A true blue best friend. Sure I have great friends. Very great friends in fact! Several I do consider my 'best friends'... but none of them the BEST. Ya know? (no offense anyone!!!)
I know that at any possible moment of any day my friends could leave, move out of state, get a significant other and disappear (the way people in relationships do), or even just stop wanting to hang out. And that's fine. That's life. You are the star of your own movie and you need to take care of your #1 star first. I get that. I just want a compatible co-star who wants to be in my movie for the long haul.

I guess I'm just a lonesome Thelma looking for my Louise.
A Romy looking for her Michelle...

Oh the chapters of my life.....
Love you ladies!

"I'll dance with you Romy..."

(Lora, I don't have a good enough picture of us....[digital photo that is]
Let's remedy that!)

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