Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Tis the holiday to get piss drunk and pretend yer Irish!!!

This has always been my 2nd favorite holiday!
(2nd to halloween of course)
Seeing so much green around just makes me joyful!!!
Seriously, the color green makes me giddy.
(if you didn't already realize that)

[I learned from my teacher/spiritual guide at school that there is a way to get so in tune with yourself and the world around you, that you can actually start to smell, taste, and get emotions from a color. And everyone perceives it differently. Isn't that cool!?!
I bet green would smell and taste sweet, and make me feel tickley.]

Anyways, the unfortunate chore of life has me working AND going to school on this fine Holiday, when what I should really be doing is drinking and dancing on my front lawn, pinching all the people who walk by and aren't wearing green. Makin a real ass of myself... ya know.
That's what I SHOULD be doing.
I still intend to go out after school. I get done at 10:35, so that's still time to boogie!
(PLUS I have tomorrow off for recovery time! WOO!)

I hope everyone is celebrating this holiday the way it is meant to be celebrated...
With beer and whiskey. :)
And if you don't drink.... uh....
well then.... I hope you're drinking... green kool-aid!?
(is there such a thing?)

AND If you're in the mood for a good Irish movie... let me suggest:

Brilliant flick.



May your pockets be heavy,
and your heart be light...
and may good luck persue you,
each day and night.

(P.S. I started to change my font to green.... then realized, it's always green. HA silly gurl.)


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