Saturday, March 20, 2010


I can't remember the last time I had the hiccups. I currently have the hiccups. In between hiccuping, I yawned. These are two unexplainable acts of the human body. Currently, they still don't know why we do either of these things. The theory behind it is that your body feels it needs more oxygen, so it is grasping for it in quick large gulps. You'd think after everything we know about the human body, they would know why these things happen. They don't.

[May I also add that yawning truly is contagious. As I was looking up this picture... just looking at PICTURES of yawning, made me want to yawn. So strange.]

Clearly, I'm not breathing deep enough today. I dislike the hiccups tremendously. They are totally obnoxious to me. But at least it's not the drunken hiccups... cause those NEVER end. At least with regular hiccups I can drink water upside down. It works every time. I swear to you! At least it works for me. I know everyone has their own theories/solutions. (One time, someone told me to hop on one foot, while spinning in a circle, and spraying ketchup in my mouth... that that would get rid of them- I told them to eff off. Ketchup? come on. please.)

Wanna know another thing about the human body that we don't fully understand? Muscle contraction. We only have a THEORY about what happens. They know that calcium and ACH are definitely involved, but everything else is just a hypothesis. Wanna watch a cool video that explains it? Well you probably don't... but I'll include the site just in case:
(I have a test on this on Monday)

I'm also currently learning about all the body's "endangerment sites," and boy do we have a ton. We are learning all the ways we can royally eff someone up if we do something wrong while massaging them. I have to admit... it's quite intimating. My teacher said he had a student working on him in class one time and the student pushed too hard on his popliteal (behind the knee) and BROKE HIS KNEE!!!! AHHHH!!! Can you imagine?! That would be SO scary. I would ball my eyes out if I did ANYTHING that hurt the person I was working on! Also, makes me kinda scared to realize that I have had, and will have, students working on me!! Eek.

Anyways, just felt like droppin some knowledge on y'all.

Happy Sunny Saturday!


Tyson Roberts said...

i never though about it but i didnt know that there wasnt an explanation for yawning or hiccuping. thats kind of crazy! and i totally yawned while reading this, not joking.

by the way, that would be pretty awesome if you are serious about moving here.

Kcscrystal said...

I know right?! Crazy hiccups.
I am totally serious about moving there! It will probably not be for two more years, due to schooling... but I just freaking LOVE that city and want to try living there. In fact, I want to come visit it again! Would you be willing to let me stay with you?

Tyson Roberts said...

absolutely! you are welcome anytime.