Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Apt.

Here I am sitting in my new apartment, looking around and thinking about how much I LOVE this apartment. It's one of my favorites that I've had. And I realized that a lot of people haven't come to see it yet. So I decided to post some pics for you.

Here's the OLD apartment:
(the one in the back of the building)

And here's the NEW one:
(in the front of the building)

I realize now, looking at these pictures... that they look pretty damn similar. But I tell ya, it's amazing what a difference natural sunlight makes. PLUS this one has the tiny porch. There's still work to be done... Pictures to put up, etc. But I think it's a very cozy place!
Heart. :)


Tyson Roberts said...

the new place looks pretty awesome! are you living in salt lake now?

Kcscrystal said...

I sure am. :) I'm right in the heart of everything. I love it!