Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Oh lordy... So I didn't start watching this show until a couple weeks ago. I mostly started watching it to see what all the hype was about. Plus, the fact that they sing and dance is an obvious hook for someone like me.
Unfortunately on Hulu you can only find episodes 9-13 right now, therefore those are the only ones I've seen. I just barely finished the season finale. To which I must conclude: I AM HOOKED!! I LOVE IT!!! And seriously...EVERY SINGLE EPISODE brought tears to my eyes!!! Every. Single. One.

This is just SUCH a tender storyline with very relate-able characters in very relate-able situations. And come on, who doesn't wish that you could express yourself with song and dance and just randomly break out into a musical performance throughout the day?!?! I know I do!!! (Yes, I'm shouting this sentence)

I'm in total adoration of Lea Michele! (she plays Rachel) I think she is so fun to watch. She is gorgeous and has wonderful facial expressions... not to mention that voice!!! OH MYLANTA!!!
Side Note:
'Mylanta' is something I started using in place of a swear word
to derail myself from having potty mouth at work.

Since starting it, my very favorite past time at night has been to climb in a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and watch an episode of Glee. They need to get to the next season ASAP, as I am now all out of episodes to watch! :(

All and all this show is just as fabulous as everyone says it is. I applaud them for finally coming out with a show with a bit of originality. Congrats! and I thank you.

Now the real question... where can I find a glee club to join????

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