Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I cut my finger instead of the apple. (I shouldn't be allowed to play with knives...especially sharp ones.) Since I just finished learning about our blood in school, I became WAY super fascinated by the wound. Somehow I gave myself a blood blister, but cut the side open.. So it was a bleeding blood blister. How is that possible? Never heard of such a thing. (I'll have to ask my teach) I wrapped it and held it tight to stop the blood... but I couldn't stop unwrapping it and inspecting every little blood droplet. -I still want to peel the band-aid off and have a look.- I can just picture all of my tiny little fighter cells swimming to the wound to help cauterize it. I now look at my body in a very "Osmosis Jones" style. Like a big cartoon city living inside of me. I didn't wanna waste too many of my nutrients pouring from the opening in my finger, so I even licked the blood off my cut. --Uh-oh... did I just get EVEN creepier then I already am?!?

-First step to vampirism: drink human blood-

[Speaking of vampires... There is a funeral service this weekend for a lady by the name of, BELLA EDWARDS!!! For realz. Isn't that funny?!? I wonder if she got the connection of her name and the Twilight phenomena the last couple years..?]

I also learned in school that it would be more beneficial for us to be drinking cow's blood as oppose to cow's milk.
I'll admit it, I do love milk. Mom loves milk, therefore, I drank a lot of milk with Mom. I switched to organic milk a few years ago to make myself feel a little better about the consumption of liquid coming from another animals teet. I know its disgusting. And I know that it has no health benefits what-so-ever... but damnit I love the taste. HOWEVER, from here on out, I will be switching to rice milk. Soy milk is good... but to me it's too thick and sweet.. more like a dessert drink. But I do LOVE soy milk in coffee. Speaking of coffee I have gone over 2 weeks without a drop of it. Not that I was really addicted to coffee before... but I sure did love my morning cup.

I am glad that I don't have to give a massage tonight... and hope that this thing heals up by tomorrow when I do. We have that liquid band-aid stuff at my work, which I am more than excited to use for the first time.

That's all my ramblings for now. Thanks to boredom at work.

P.S. I will be watching Osmosis Jones this weekend, as it so highly pertains to what I am learning in A&P. And may I also just say that I think that it is a highly underated movie that is not only hilarious, but educational too. And more movies need to be made like this. People who take A&P all over the world would be grateful.
Just like my idea/plan to do a 'School House Rock' for Anatomy. "Anatomical Jam" that's what I'm gonna call it. It'll make me a fortune! And don't you dare steal my idea!!!


Tyson Roberts said...

haha i think you and dexter share a common interest in blood. although his is slightly more creepy. but then again he doesnt drink his.

and i like that you're switching to rice milk. i havent had regular milk in almost three years.

Kcscrystal said...

Yeah I'm pretty proud of myself for switching to rice milk... (i haven't actually had ANY milk in months)
and yes.. i can totally relate to Dexter. Which in itself is creepy. But don't worry, I don't go around killing people.... ..... ..... .... yet.... ;)