Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jogging Update

So about 30 seconds (yeah SECONDS) into my jog...(that I randomly decided to take today) I got a wrenching side ache. Ouch. I am super-duper out of shape. I lasted only about 15 minutes. Wow. I'm a hot mess. :(

BUT I also have two funny stories:

Story #1: As I was (barely) jogging passed this house, I notice a bare footed kid standing in the driveway. He has a big shit-eating grin on his face as he watches me get closer. As I approach, he then holds both of his arms up in the air and shouts, "LOOK I'm smoking!"
The kid is holding the butt of a cigarette that apparently someone (his mom I bet) has discarded but not stomped out. The mom (i presume) who was chatting with some other lady on the porch, jumps and and screams, "OSCAR NO!!! OH MY GOD!!!" She's wearing 6 inch heels and starts chasing (wobling) after the kid, who naturally starts running away. Her heel breaks and she almost eats pavement. I started jogging after the kid too, I lightly grab his arm and pull him to a stop. He drops the cig and the mom limps up and stomps it out. She proceeds to apologize to me, and I can not hold back the laughter.
Some people.

Story #2: I get back into my apartment just as the side ache starts to desist. I notice a new note on the board from the apartment manager. It reads, "Dear tenants; Please be considerate when lighting incense in your apartment. Please keep a window open when doing so, so that it doesn't drift up into other people's apartments and make them sick. Thank you."

HA HA F*CKING HA HA!! Ooooops. My bad.

Today rocks.

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