Monday, April 20, 2009


I have so so SOOOO much that I need to write about. This weekend was so full of "blog worthy" activities! However, since I am at work I will need to rush through this a little bit.

Friday was nice... didn't even plan on doing much, but then I ended up going to X-Wife's place with some friends I hadn't seen in a while (probably due to the fact that I've been ditching people left and right to read. ha.) X-Wife's place is the coolest dive bar in Salt Lake if you ask me.
Adam wore this shirt that says,
Kiss Me
(I'm desperate)
Because he is awesome like that! It made me chuckle lots and lots. The night went as it usually did, the only difference being that instead of sharing in on the pitcher's with everyone else, I stuck to my water/vodka drink...and due to the fact that I haven't been drinking at all, the drinks caught up with me quicker than I had anticipated. Plus the bartendar thought I was a doll and was free-pouring my drinks.
Thank you Christina!

An old friend who I haven't seen in months and months, came and met me and the bar... we had a great time drinking, chatting, giggling, and catching up. After a couple hours he declared he needed to leave to pick up his brother. Unexpectedly this news made me sad. I was done with the bar, and since he was getting all of my attention anyways, I asked for a ride home. On the way home his brother called saying he no longer needed a ride. (how convenient) So I ended up inviting him to my place. The night took another unexpected, and may I say, passionate, turn. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but it was just what I needed.

On Saturday I had one of those mornings where you wake up, not really sure how you made it to bed, but totally grateful that you did. I woke up ever so slowly, blinking furiously to get my eyes to focus on the clock which read 12:08 PM. I was sprawled diagonally across the bed, covers draped all around the room, only my leg was being touched by my sheets. The canopy that surrounds my bed was pulled down on one entire side. I was naked. My hair a ruffled mess. My left collar bone was sufficiently bruised....for this I have no explanation. Putting all of the evidence together, I knew I must have had a great night, though my memory failed to provide any exciting details.

I pulled myself together and went down to my hair appointment with Derek. Reguardless of my puffy-sleepy eyes, and the fact that I took close to no time getting ready, Derek still greeted me saying that I "looked great." He's either a very kind soul or a great liar. For the first time ever he decided to wash my hair before the cut. (probably cause this was the first time I went into the shop, and didn't make him cut my hair at his house.) After the shampooing process he did something he's never done before... he gave me a HEAD MASSAGE!!! It felt like it lasted longer than a simple head massage should last, but who would complain about that!?
His fingers carressed my scalp, not missing a single inch, pulling on my hair, titilating every nerve ending on my head. Chills ran down my skull into my fingertips and toes, vibrating every nerve on the way down. His fingers reached further down to include my neck in the rubbing process. I relaxed fully giving in to the immaculate pleasure I was experiencing and let my body melt into the seat. At one point my mouth fell open, and without my permission my lips softly cooed, "woooow." He shooshed me and told me we weren't done. I was practically dizzy when he turned the water back on and began rinsing out the conditioner. It took all the power I could grasp to pull myself out of the chair after that. I still don't know how long it lasted but it must have been close to ten minutes.

It was by far the BEST head massage I have EVER HAD!!! Thank you Derek. I meant it when I said you can do that for me every day for the rest of my life. :) And all that talk about getting breakfast in bed...well that is still something I would also love to apply.
It goes without saying that my hair looked and smelled awesome. (The guy is a genius with hair)
With my newly found confidence in my spunky cut, I decided to walk around and enjoy the nice day before going home to start on chores. Turns out it was "record day" so there were a bunch of other people walking around as well. There was a whole band set-up behind one of the record stores downtown, so I mingled down there for a bit, and called Ariele and told her to come join me. While waiting for her I decided to wander into an anitque store that I have always been curious about. While in there, this guy in a red shirt started creepily following me around. When I finally broke down, and decided to make eye contact with him, he was practically right behind me. He had a big googley grin stretching across this face and he was pointing at his ear. International sign language for, "I'm deaf." He pulled out a pad and pen and wrote, "hi. how are you?" This was something I fully was not in the mood to participate in.
Now if you know me, you know I have a very VERY tender place in my heart for anyone with any type of disability. So there was the part of me that said I should be nice and converse with him for a bit. However, there was the stronger part of me that just didn't want to waste time writing back and forth to this guy when the outcome would inevitably be the same. He was not very attractive, and besides that fact, I am just not looking for anyone right now. So as cruel as it made me feel, I mouthed that I was fine, but I was just browsing while waiting for my girlfriend and I had to run. He smiled and before he had time to write anything else I was already scurrying out of there. I really didn't want to seem cruel, but I also didn't want to treat him differently due to his disability. If he coud speak I would have run out of there quicker, due to the creepiness of him stalking around behind me.

After Ariele had arrived, we were still zig zagging in and out of the adorable little shops that line 300 south. We entered a cute little shop that was packed with old fashioned trinkets from the past... things that were probably dug out of the garbage and now carried a price tag making them "valuable." While in there I turned a corner and there was the deaf guy again!!! A sudden spark of panic rushed through me and before I could think of anything better to do, I grabbed Ariele's hand and whispered that I would explain later. (he's deaf, so there was really no reason to whisper, but it just seemed natural.) When I accidentally made eye contact with him he was of course staring at me like a statue so I waved and held up my hand that was interlocked with Ariele's to show him I had found her. So at least it didn't look like I was lying about waiting for my girlfriend.

Ariele and I spent the rest of the day doing everything but the chores I was supposed to do. (my laundry pile is turning into a national crisis) We took a beautiful drive up the canyon and re-read the story of my 21st birthday trip that the two of us took back in 2006. We probably laughed off a good five pounds reliving the experience. That trip was epic.

After that we went and ate at the Sun and Moon cafe'. And oh my goodness.. what happened to that place?!?! It used to be an adorable little hippy joint with colorful walls and decor of suns and moons everywhere. Now the walls are white and bare, and they even have table cloths on the tables!! The prices were significantly higher and the new food selection left an impression that they were now trying to be "classy." The food was only sub-par and the atmosphere was stuffy and uncomfortable. Too bad. I used to think that place was so quaint.

On Sunday, Ariele's adorable friend from work was having a bbq at Liberty Park, --much like the rest of the city-- so we decided to join in on the fun. It was such a cliche' experience, but still totally enjoyable! There were people playing frisbee, throwing balls for dogs, laying out, hula-hooping, etc. (I need to purchase one of those, cause for the life of me I couldn't get anyone to take a break and let me hula too).
The shishkabobs (how the hell is that spelled?) they made were delicious! The day was breath-takingly beautiful. The perfect temperature. Perfect day out.

Now to get to the SUPER exciting news!!!! A few months ago I applied to work up at Glacier National Park in Montana. (well really its on an Indian reservation in Montana, so it's got it's own set of rules apart from the state, and it's only a short drive from Canada, so that in itself is a huge bonus) The place is out of this world gorgeous!!! They e-mailed me back about a month ago saying due to the economy, etc, etc, they couldn't hire on anymore new employees. I responded by asking if they would hold my application and consider hiring me on for the season next year. THEN, a couple days ago, they wrote back saying a position has become available and asked if I was still interested in the job!!! Of course I said yes!!! (California/Oregon can wait)

So I'm currently in the process of getting all those details worked out. The biggest bummer of it all is that I would have to leave my cat behind. Of course my mom will take her and she will be ever so happy to have the huge backyard to play in, but ,*sigh* I will miss her ever so dearly!!! But it's only for 4 months, so I think we can both deal. Besides, she'll have my mom.

As to not make this too god-awful long I will end it here. Once again, my life just keeps getting pushed further and further into a positive direction!!! I'm so happy I could dance!!

"My future's so bright..... I gotta wear shades."

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